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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Perfect Christmas Presents: Laundry bags and Backpacks

Two months or less from now, Christmas is coming!! I can even feel the spirit in the air. I am so excited not only for the season but also on the thought that my baby will likely come out on Christmas Day!!! It doubles the celebration if it would be the case. Can't wait for it anymore..

Anyway, since tis' a season for giving, by this month I am already starting to collect items to giveaway during Christmas. I have browsed again at for great giveaways. I have eyed on the cool mint laundry bag that this online store got. A cool laundry bag would be perfect for them. At $16 dollar each, I have already my gifts for my favorite student friends. Of course I would want it to go with the bags matching towel to make it a great Christmas present set.

Who would think a laundry bag could be as cool as this? It has a shoulder strap for easier way of carrying it around.

For my nieces and nephews and toddler cousins, I have found the ideal presents for them. Posylane's stephen Joseph quilted backpack is so adorable and great for toddlers. I have been in love from first sight of them. These are made from 100% cotton and are washable and durable. Of course I have ordered ahead for my little girl. Look at the photo below and see how cute it is, no kidding.
so cute.. isn't it?

Of course I wouldn't forget the older kids. If I'll get the cute stephen joseph backpacks for the toddlers, I also decided on the personalized kids backpack for them. This would be ideal for kids going to school as it could accomodate notebooks and books as these have enough spaces. I am thinking of putting their names on the backpacks as it is easy to personalized it to have a personal touch. Look at the sample below..

See? It could have their names on it..

I have my presents ready.. But of course, I'll still look around for more.. Do you have yours ready too? Why not check on posylane for the perfect Christmas gifts.

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nanay said...

yes, the laundry bag looks like a backpack. lol!

Christmas Gift Voucher said...

It is good idea to giveaway a laundry bag.

mediateam said...

Check out other great gift ideas here:!

Laundry Basket said...

Nanay: Only the first bag is a laundry bag, the others are backpacks...