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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Oh My It's a Girl!!!

Praise the Lord for His mercies ever new. I had some recent worries regarding my blood sugar level as when I had my 50mg oral glucose test, my result was high. My Ob-gyne required me to undergo 100mg OGTT because of that. I had it yesterday and was leave from work. I stayed at the laboratory from 8am until 12noon past to have series of test on my blood and urine sugar. I was truly happy as the result was okay. My blood sugar level is normal and my urine sugar is negative. Thank you Lord for keeping me safe from gestational diabetes.

While having OGTT , I had ultrasound scan too for fetal biometry and gender. Guess what, the sonologist said, " It's a GIRL!!!".. Oh My!!! We always thought and assumed my baby to be a baby boy. In fact , Alikah (bebay) named and called the baby always as "Baby Jepjep". She always wanted a baby brother as she said her kuyas are not with us. But still thank you Lord for our baby. No matter what the gender be, our baby is a gift from Him and truly a blessing. I said to bebay, don't worry we will still call her Baby Jepjep. What I thought now is just find a name that would still go for that nickname. But, really I can't find a suitable name that rhymes with it. he he. Do you have any suggestion?

When I was on my first trimester, I was already preparing for a baby boy's name that would fit for the nickname my daughter calls the baby. I was thinking of Lael Joseph as I want to have "LJ" as initials. Now, that our coming baby is a girl, I am thinking still of LJ initial and think that " Lishan Jeshaiah" would be great..

Meaning and Origin of the name " Lishan Jeshaiah"
pronounced as: "Lee-shan Je-sha-ya"

Lishan is an Afrikaan baby name and it's meaning is an award or medal, or an honor..
Jeshaiah is Hebrew in origin and it's meaning is salvation of Jehovah or Jehovah has saved..
So whole baby name would mean: Those who are saved by Jehovah brings Honor and reward ..

So what do you think? Does it sound okay? If you have a better suggestion for a name that goes with Jepjep it would be appreciated. But anyway, though the name would not have the same ending sound, we would still call the baby Jepjep..

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Janmah said...

wow! congrats dear:) i like the name too..unique..hehe!

added u here

nanay said...

Congrats She... Yes, the name is good... my daughters children's name have always meanings that glorifies our God.