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Friday, October 16, 2009

Mommy Moments: A Day at the Mall

mommy moments

Actually this is my second post for this week for Mommy Moments, but I rescheduled the first one when I saw Mommy Chris' post. It's so funny I was so advanced as I made a post last night about Kids' Tantrums, LOL that topic is for next week. This week's topic is A Day AT the Mall..

Visiting Malls is one of our children's favorite activities. They love to be there to play, shop for toys and eat. Well, so good that I have handy dandy files of my kids' photos on Mall. However, it's only few here at the office as I have them at home. But glad that I am still able to share few with you.

This was taken, I think three years ago during vacation time when My boys came to Manila to be with us..

My second son and my daughter at the Mall's activity center..

Here's a pic of my daughter's favorite place when we are Mall of Asia, she love the bay at the back of the Mall where she could play and play all she cares..
She really love it here..

us at Mall of Asia..
bebay sitting at her favorite jolli-seat

Sorry some of the photos here are not of good quality, these happened when I forgot to bring my camera and just use my cellphone. He he.

Love to see your kids at the mall too. Share it with us on Mommy Moments!!!

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Hazel said...

I like your daughter's ponytails. The three of them look so cute together!

chubskulit said...

Your daughter is very beautiful mommy shelo... so adorable..

Malkwatsa kami kaya halika na at tingnan ang aming Strolling Adventures

nuts said...

i love MOA talaga, the place where you can shop and enjoy the bay.. your kids obviously enjoyed playing there.

Enchie said...

Your photos are nice Mommy don't worry about it. Mall of Asia is a good place for the kids to play. Aside from the toy area or the playground, the space is big enough to run around.

Meikah said...

Lovely shots!!! :D

My MM entry is here.

Prettymom said...

saya naman!

mas masaya talaga sa MOA kc ang daming play area for kids.. at syempre para sa adults for shopping..
nakkapagod nga lang..hehe

ang pretty ni bebay dun s nakaupo sya sa feet ni jabi :)

Karen said...

Cute naman ng mga kids sa first pic at syempre haping-hapi sila while playing at the mall.

Evan's Mom said...

They look cute together on that ride-on animal toy. Happy weekend :)

Willa said...

I think all pinoy kids have at least a photo with Jollibee, unfortunately,my boys doesn't have any eventhough they've seen jolly plenty of times, they don't like it, they are so loyal to Mcdo. :)
Your kids are all adorable and your daughter especially is such a sweet darling!

Marice said...

nice photos sissy! thanks for visitng mine!

Chris said...

nice mall moments... :D

by the way, you have a new layout! i love it!

Mom of Four said...

Malling with the kids is fun, lalo kapag medyo malalaki na sila, it's so priceless to see them having fun! Great photos naman kahit yung iba medyo blurred, or yung mata ko ang may diprensiya?

Have a great weekend.

Jona said...

gandang bata =D i myself love going to MOA...if only it's nearer, hehe

check me out here

anne said...

They seemed so close, nice pictures girl

Anonymous said...

I like your daughter's smile :) And what great pictures.

Happy MM! :)

darly said...

what is it about malls kaya that kids and the kids-at-heart are so drawn to them? well, beats me huh!

i lurve the picture of your 3 kids riding in the bike with your li'l daughter in the middle- its so cute and heartwarming.

happy mm and till next week.

Laureen said...

Gwapa man ug mga pogi imo mga anak.Dagko na day ba?.bata paman lagi ka tanawon abi nako dalaga paka.he!he!

shydub said...

Ang gaganda at gwapo mga kids mo she. Ang hirap naman ng set up ninyo yung mga boys andon sa lola, and the girl nasa sayo.Well, pratical talaga diyan sa atin, pwedi maiwan sa mga nanay ang mga anak natin lalo na kung nag tatrabaho tayo. Dito hindi, kung pupunta sa mga lola, they have to ask pirmission pa para hindi maka disturbo sa pahinga ng matatanda.

Thaks for sharing your wonderful kids she, they sure did enjoy being in Manila.

Clarissa said...

Ang saya saya naman nilang tingnan!!I love your kids smiles--nakakahawa!!^_^Those smiles are priceless!!

Happy Mommy Moments!!

Seiko said...

I enjoyed looking at all your photos in here Mommy She.And you have such a wonderful & goodlooking kiddos & seems they did really enjoyed the fun at the mall.

Yami said...

Ang gaganda ng mga anak mo Mommy Shelo.

Amor said...

I like the first pic, ang sweet nila, it's as if they're protecting their sister.

a boy's mom said...

cool pics...esp the outdoor shots.. have a great week :)

Honney said...

i love the pics! the kids looks so happy. sayang, di na naman ako naka-joing sa MM.

satellite uplink services said...

Ang gaganda ng mga anak mo Mommy Shelo.