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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Baby Stuffs from Kate @ Your Babyneeds

Mr. Air 21 arrived just after lunch today to deliver my pouch. It was the baby items I purchased at an online shop which is my online buddy at multiply. I got the baby stuff from Your Babyneeds- Kate's site. She sells a lot of baby stuffs like baby apparels, mittens, booties, kids clothing, washcloths, toys, play mats, nursing pillows, etc. Check out her site, you might be interested.

I ordered to her recently some onesies , mittens, and washcloths.. This is my first time to purchase with her so it's like test buy. I was so excited to see the products and yes I made a good purchase. I let Kate chose the designs for me and I admit she has a fair taste. The items are so cute and in good quality. The fabric are soft and the designs are cool and so girly. Look at them..

Cute Onesies, washcloths and baby mittens

Washcloths- got them for Php40/ each..

cute mittens- got them for Php 40/pair

The cute onesies- Size 0-6 months - got them for Php 50/ each

See how adorable they are? These are not pre-loved items , all are brand new and the brand are mostly Carters.. Items for baby boys are available too. You might be interested to check out. Some of the other sites are selling the same items at higher price. The onesies for one in other sites are sold at Php100/ each or higher but to her those are half their price. I will be ordering pajamas, booties, and maybe more onesies soon. Will show it her whenever I got them. By the way, she accepts G-cash and Metrobank deposits for payment. The shipping cost for within Metro Manila is very acceptable I swear. She got all your baby needs. She can be reached on her mobile phone for faster transaction. So Check Kate's site now!!

Of course my daughter won't let it pass without me posting her photos with some of the items.

"She said, Mama take photo of Me with Baby Jepjep's cloth"

Bebay with the washcloth..


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shydub said...

Hi She your daughter is so cute, ang ganda pa ng ngiti. Mabuti na yang marami magagamit si baby kasi with the spit and the food, haay kukulangin isang dozena. nice baby stuff for such affordable prices.

Yami said...

Naalala ko naman ang time na nagpiprepare ako ng gamit bago rin ako manganak. ang kucute ng mga gamit ng baby mo, girly talaga ang color. Your daughter is cute, how old is she?

Clarissa said...

Lucky you to have Carters there--mahal dito yan!!I miss baby clothings,gusto ko na talgang masundan si Haruka!!I love your daughters smile!!^_^