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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Couple's Corner # 2: The Day We First Met

Rodliz’s Nest

It's Topic No. 2 for this wondeful meme that our own Mommy Liz is hosting. Honestly , I am thankful that I decided to join as I love reading and knowing about various love stories of bloggers around the globe. It's fascinating to know individuals or couples out of this corner. If you still have not joined, it's not late. Just hit the badge above and share along.

Now , on how we started.....

The Night We First Laid our Eyes on Each Other

It was a Monday, I can recall it clearly as it happened on our Church's Young People's Meeting. We have it every Monday evening. I was still finishing few subjects on college that time. We attended the yp meeting. I was wearing my faded jeans and a yellow small tee. My twin cousins were with me. The brothers and sisters were seated directly accross from each other. The meeting started. We enjoyed the hymns and some messages shared by the Youth leaders.

It was then that a brother had his dramatic entrance as he was late. My gaze followed on him through were he sat. He was new. Hmm.. I just saw him that night. I didn't know why I was fixed on scrutinizing how he look and what he was wearing. LOL. He had a sweet baby face, I said to myself and Hmm.. He was wearing a gray shirt. But he's not tall. Oh Gosh, I was on my flesh and not on the spirit when in fact I should be as I was on a YP meeting. He was such a temptation. He he. He was cute, I confirm to my thoughts. I hadn't concentrate on the meeting. Gah!! In the middle of being busy looking at him, he suddenly had his sight direction on me. Oh My God, I guessed he saw me staring at him. It's a shame. But he smiled.. Rubbish.. I thought I melted. LOL (kilig kilig).. I looked away, pretending not to see him and not noticed at all. I whispered to my cousin, "there's a new one, and he's cute, I wonder who he is", my cousin was busy looking at who I was talking about.

After the meeting , I hurried to catch a brother who seemed to know him as I noticed they said hello and talked for a while. I asked that brother who he was and what's his name. The brother told me his nickname, and I found it funny sounding.. He he, you may asked what did he tell me, well he said, ah that's "budoy". LOL.. of all the names he can give. But of course, it was only his popular nickname to those who are close to him. I din't see him after we went down. A lot of YP were busy scattering downstairs. It's hard to locate him. So I just thought he might had gone home already.

We were about to go home, when a brother called my name. I immediately turned to the direction of his voice. OMG!!! I can't believe it, it was RC (a brother) with him. He was all-out smiling. RC introduced him to me. And he said something. Guessed what he said, " Hey, u know what sister , you look like my sister( in blood) Naomie".. He found me having resemblance to his family. Was that a sign? Ha ha. My assuming mind again was working. And so we chat for a little and shook hands. Honestly, that was the first time I felt something for a guy after the dark days of my life. .. and for that, I will have to tell you next time so you will understand.

I never knew what exactly he thought of me when he first saw me. But when I asked him when we were together already, he would just say, " ah, pa cute ka".. The nerve... He he, but somehow it was true. I was really intentionally making it clear that he would noticed me. Ha ha. Thankfully he did. As that first night, was the start of a more deeper getting to know each other.. We bid goodnight and off we went home with a smile on my face and the urge to see him again.

Hope you enjoyed my story.. See you next week as I would reveal more on Couple's Corner.



Rossel said...

I really did enjoy your story. Gusto ko iyong way ng pagkakakwento mo, nakakakilig!

mine is up here

Clarissa said...

hahahahaa!!Nagpa-cute ka kasi lol!!But I'm sure he's glad that you did coz he's into you!!^_^Para akong nagbabasa ng lovestory sa pocketbook--kilig na kilig ang lola mo dito!!\(^0^)/

Mom of Four said...

Nakakakilig naman tong love story mo, hehehe..kahit ty-8 na akong nagbabasa eh kinikilig ako dito, ehehehe. Di ka maka concentrate sa meeting, gawa ng naka pako ang mata mo sa guy, ehehehe! Parang high school!!! (kilig talaga ako)

OMG, OMG! pinakilala ka sa kanya on that very same day? Destiny, Faith..ano pa ba? talagang kau, oh di ba?

I am so glad for this Meme, lumalabas ang pagka kikay nating lahat sa mga kwentong ganito..Thanks for sharing your story. Abangan ko ang part 3, hehehe!! Can't wait.

chubskulit said...

wahhhhh para akong nagbabasa ng pocketbook lol.. Ganda naman ng love story nyo she.

Alam mo ba ang budoy sa bicol (tuta or cute na tawag sa aso) hehehe. Galing galing hehehe.. Thanks for sharing! More, more, more!

Kero said...

ooh how i love to recall the first times! hahahaaa

thank you for sharing. I think i am also blushing reading all these hahhaa

my entry is here

Hazel said...

I am enjoying this meme. I mean I noticed a few of those on my sidebar are busy with their stories. It's always fun to read about how couples began their lives together.

There's a shower of awards for you on my blog.

Bambie dear ★ said...

LOL i enjoyed reading this.. kahit di ka siguro nagpa-cute nun, he already noticed you.. anyway, dont you miss that kind of feeling? tipong Gosh ang cute--- kilig--whatever.. kakamiss kasi yung feeling na ganun, you know when you were young et al..

Chie Wilks said...

what a very inspiring sis Shelo..tadhana nga naman talagang pinaglalapit ang mga pusong mgkatugma..charotss..ngtula na man ko ani hehehe..really it was a great love story

shydub said...

Ganyan na mn tayo girl if we had a crush on a guy pa cute ever, buti sayo nadali mo hehehehehhe. I enjoyed reading your story shelo, parang pang novela ni martha cecilia sa kakiligan hehehehe. Mine is up not that so kilig like yours hehehe.

acmumcee said...

I can still remember the feeling of "hinahanap hanap" mo yung guy na gusto mo.. haha!!! gosh! bumabalik lahat ng kilig moments.. nakakatuwa!!! i enjoyed it! and I'm imagining the scene as I read.. haha!!! can't wait for wed na!!!

eds said...

Naku nahuli pala ang technique mo.. pero talaga nman ang mga guys malakas ang mga pakiramdam sa ganyan.. hay.. sarap ng inlove hano?

eto nga pala ang aking version ng CC.

Yami said...

Ah, young love....kakakilig talaga ang mga first time...hihintayin ko ang karugtong ng storyang ito. haaay...

nanay said...

Wow! what a love story. lol!

David Funk said...

Great story, Shelo! It is hard to know what to expect meeting anyone for the first time, but it is clear all this happened to you for a reason. Glad to see what it has done for you.

Thanks for sharing my very dear friend!

Seiko said...

I did enjoyed reading your story as in nakakakilig!Ang sarap basahin talaga ng story mo ,once again ako yata mas kinikilig dito eh hehe.
Buti na lang at nagpacute ka as in pacute ba ang ginawa mo?Anyway worthit naman ang pagpapacute mo eh di ba?'can't wait to read for the continuation of your story...happy weekend.;D

Prettymom said...

wow! i love reading your story..
kakakilig.. as if naiimagine ko ung feelings mo that very moment..hehe
as para kang high na high at di ka mapakali na di sya makitang muli (uy it rhymes..LOL)

at ikaw talaga nagpakita ng unang motibo.. at kumagat naman sya..haha girl power ito!

looking forward to more sweet stories :)

Genejosh said...

he..he..sis I'm all out smiling sa nakakakilig na first meeting mo with your hubby and the venue is a place where we could find upright young people're a good story teller sis as in you made it clearer for me to understand parang nanonood ako ng love story na pelikula...We have the right naman to flirt in a decent way like pacute..he..he..napansin ni hubby mo kasi pacute din sya cguro..LOL! Di ba nya nahalata at that night sis that you're looking for him..baka kasi nagtago sya at pinapanood nya ang bawat kilos mo...ha..ha..bahala na buking total hubby mo na sya...he..he...

thanks sa visit sis..recently ko lnag alam na nasa Maynila kayo I thought nasa Cagayan kayo..Yes sis andito kami sa Thailand..baka makavisit kayo dito next time..Ingat sis and your baby...Thanks din sa greetings...