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SHELO- A person who knows how to be happy though may be sad. I am a woman, a mother, a daughter. I am loving and caring. I have shattered dreams but I have hope.I have a God who arranges everything for me. I may not have a desirable past, but no one can destroy me and I am still standing. All I want is to be accepted and loved for who I am cause that is Me and That is all I can be.

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Friday, January 30, 2009

My Newest Baby: My Online Diary

As the web mistress is not yet feeling well, this will just be a short update. This past few days there's nothing really special cause I've been attacked by Mr. sickness. A lot of pain the head, stuffy nose, hard cough and sore throat accompanied by tons of load in the office. Can you imagine how dreadful it was.

I would just like to announce to you all that I created my online Diary. It will be my personal confidant, my friend and listener to my daily rants and rumblings and the key for you to peek at my daily thoughts and oozing emotion. It is more like of a teenager's Diary book, only that mine is a blog. You are welcome to see my daily rumblings but comments OFF there., just tag me at the tagboard so I will know you have visited.

Introducing my newest baby :

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Twilight : The Teaser

Hi! Are you a fan of Twilight? Hmmm, I found some teaser just a movie in minutes to tickle you for a while today. I found it in Youtube and I thought it's quite funny. Might as well share it with you. Have fun watching.. He he he

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Daily Energy-savers tip!!!

My husband always would remind me, "Shelo unplug your computer after using it" (after blabbering that it will not rain money tomorrow). But I remember my friend told me that turning things on and off will waste more energy than it can save. Huh!! Whoever is right? Anyway, here's a helpful tip when to turn power off.

Lights: It is wise to switch the lights off whenever you leave the room. Power is not consumed more by turning lights on and off. A 100-watt bulb left on eight hours a day burns $30 or more electricity a year.

Car: If you are required to stop for more than a minute, turn down the power of your car. According to environmental activist Laurie David, running a car emits more pollutant than restarting.

Computers: When you stepped away for longer, switch the computer off and unplug the cord from the power supply for it still draws electricity even when the computer is off. If you would just be away for few minutes program it to "sleep" after 30 minutes of being on standby, it will cut the power usage by up to 90%. Monitors also are a big energy sifters, turn it off after 20 minutes of non-use.

Television: Turn off the TV whenever no one is watching. It is sometimes a habit at home to leave the TV on without anyone watching it. If it would take long before you watch again, unplug the cord from the power supply. With the power cord still attached it will still consume 25% of energy.

Whew!! It sure does remind me too be particular about these things. I need to save money for some important things on the future. It is so sickening to pay big bills for electricity alone. I will
start it right away tonight as I'll be home.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Hi everyone!! This is just a shortie update!! If you have noticed , I changed my blog theme!! I think it's time to try on new theme for my blog. Dressing your blog with another theme could be so tiring as you have to arrange links, widgets, etc all over again. But anyway, the result is worth the labor.

I got this Birdie Theme from a blogger who offered free blogger templates. I want to give credits to Gisele Jaquenod for this cute layout. I am still figuring out how to make my own design, I will arrive to that. For the meantime, I'll have to stick on the free templates that is offered on the web.

I think it's quite good. I like the color BLUE too. My other blog is so pink. Might as well try my other favorite color too. Hope you like it and wish to see you visiting more often. Have a nice day!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Build Your Dreams with BYD

While doing my usual blog hopping routine I happened to stumble upon this blog BYD Electric Cars
which really drew my attention. This blog talks about the very impressive products which are already out in the market. I think the products are cool. Actually, not just cool but also dazzling as it dazzled me away from my senses.

Wow, their latest post on their latest innovation BYD E6 Electric Car
had my eyes fixed on the post. The specifications are great, so good to be true. To top it all, this line awed me most:

"BYD projected the battery had a life of 2,000 cycles, for a lifetime range of about 600,000 km (373,000 miles)"


Actually upon reading this blog, I came to learn more about the company. I have been directed to the website which would discuss more about the electric operated cars. I just don't know with you if you get interested with it too. I mean, I find it environment-friendly as it would not emit those harmful gasses that damage our ozone layer. It's also battery or electric operated, very practical as prices of gas today is so high that it is more economical to commute everyday than drive your own car. What we need actually are products like these. These are small showing which could take us to our dreams. The Company name is really true to its name, Build Your Dreams (BYD). Anyway, to know more just hit the link and read more on that blog. I will do again.

How to combat when Mr. Sickness Attacks

I have missed my blogging hobby for two days straight. Mr. Sickness came knocking over the door of my body and my over-all body system welcome him in. Oh, I was really down in bed sick for two days straight. I am at work today and still not feeling any better, still having stuffy nose, sneezing over and over, tired red-eyes and with all the headaches. I need to combat Mr. Sickness' attack.

Whoever wants to get sick? None, I'm sure. We always want it to go away. I did not take any prescribed medicine, though how sore is my throat. What I do is drink plenty of water . Water therapy works with me. I know from experience and little research that drinking a lot of fluid aids in getting rid with flu. So I just did. But, if these viruses needs a little more pushing and if it wont work with water alone, well, hope it will work this time. I give it a heavy dose of green tea. Green tea has 100 times more potent anti-bacterial action than vitamin c.

From my self-meditation, I just realized that having lower immune system must have a portion from having lack of proper exercise. I admit, I am really getting lazy to hit the track and do some heating body routine. Exercise offers a lot of benefit anyway as known and read from some articles over the net. With this, I promise to divulge more of my time to get my body burning. Another thing, we need also to eat the right kind of food. Food which are rich in vitamins and minerals that are needed in our body to function well.

There are a lot of ways really to combat Mr. Sickness' attack. It is just the lack of body awareness that causes us sometimes to be conquered. Getting sick should have no place in us nowadays.It is not practical to get sick. Sickness takes our time, it takes away our money and moreover keeps us away from spending quality time with our family. So be aware. Our health is us. Remember if sickness persist consult your physician. That,.. I should be doing after this. =)

Friday, January 23, 2009

ImOnline: A global e-commerce platform for you

While browsing online for some helpful tool for a blogger like me, I have stumbled upon a site that is more helpful for those who are faring in the online business world which I recommend for both small and big online business starters and to all those who aimed to be prominent vendors in the online market. I tell you ImOnline is best for you, a valuable friend and trusted advisor.

Who doesn't want to be a top-grosser on eBay shop? Then get your product portfolio a make-over. I am pretty sure their store front and auction templates will spark the shoppers interest. It will help , 100%. As an online shopper for one, colors and design catches my eyes and make me go into the site. Don't go wasting minute of your time gearing up several tools before you find the right one. Just save time and hit your aim of selling faster with that all-in-one platform and learn more from channeladvisor custom store . Take it from me , I am an avid online shopper. Create ways to grab us to make us buy your product.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Statement of Faith

Holding the Bible as the complete and only divine revelation, we strongly believe that God is eternally one and also eternally the Father, the Son, and the Spirit, the three being distinct but not separate. We hold that Christ is both the complete God and the perfect man. Without abandoning His divinity, He was conceived in the womb of a human virgin, lived a genuine human life on earth, and died a vicarious and all-inclusive death on the cross. After three days He resurrected bodily and has ascended to the heavens. He is now in glory, fully God but still fully man. We look to His imminent return with the kingdom of God, by which He will reign over the earth in the millennium and in eternity. We confess that the third of the Trinity, the Spirit, is equally God. All that the Father has and is, is expressed by the Son; and all that the Son has and is, is realized as the Spirit. We further believe that mankind is in need of God's salvation. Though we were absolutely unable to fulfill the heavy demands of God's righteousness, holiness, and glory, Christ fulfilled all the requirements through His death on the cross. Because of Christ's death, God has forgiven us of our sins, justified us by making Christ our righteousness and reconciled us to Himself. Based on Christ's redemption, God regenerates the redeemed with His Spirit to consummate His salvation, that they may become His children. Now possessing God's life and nature, the believers enjoy a daily salvation in His Body in this age and the eternal salvation in the coming age and in eternity. In eternity we will dwell with God in the New Jerusalem, the consummation of God's salvation of His elect.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Halloween Costumes- Never Too Early to look for One

Hi! Guess what, while browsing online for some Halloween costume for my Alikah for the next Halloween, I saw this online shop and I instantly fell in love with their fairy tale costumes, particularly the Lilac Princess. My Ali is gonna wear that, I will make sure of that. Gee, don't laugh at me, I really always plan ahead of the occasions. The reason is , I would still save money to buy it from my meager earnings. He he.

I really love the site 102%. =) I mean, why can't I be? They have the most fabulous costumes ever. You see, I have the child part in me that never outgrows. I still love fairy tales, and cute child stuffs. Though this site does not pay me for this, I highly recommend it for you to try. I already made my listings and calculating things to fit my budget. Good thing their prices are just right.

And to top it all, next Halloween I will be wearing my own costume too. What would that be I'm still thinking about it as there are great varieties to choose on. Hmm, I am thinking ghost Halloween costumes or some sexy vampire costume since I am inspired by Edward Cullen and I wanne be his Bella. Ha ha.. What do you think? Help me please, while browsing for your own.. mhuahh!!

Why I Drink GreenTea: The Goodness of It

Sipping a hot cup of tea really makes my afternoon right. I have been drinking tea for many years now and I find no unhealthy side effect out of it. In fact tea boosts my immune system.

I just thought I would blog about it while drinking my cup now. I want you to know why I drink tea regularly. In case you are not aware, tea, specially "green tea" has a magical effect to the following areas:

1. Cancer- green tea has the capacity to reduce the threat of cancer. Green tea antioxidants are surprisingly 100 times better than that of ascorbic acid and 25 folds effective than vitamin E , thus aids the body in cell protection from damage which are related to cancer.
2. Green tea is good for the heart. It is beneficial as it lowers blood cholesterol that may lead to heart diseases.
3. Green tea is the best anti-aging agent. Tea polyphenols attacks free radicals , thus promoting longevity of cells and aging.
4. It has a great slimming effect too. Drinking green tea a day makes you burn 70 calories. Wow , it surely helps.
5. Green tea also helps in promoting and preserving bone density.
6. It is good for preventing High Blood Pressure. Green tea lowers the bad cholesterol.
7. Green tea combats obesity. It blocks the movement of glucose in fat cells.
8. It is helpful for those who have the history of rising sugar levels. Green tea makes lipid and glucose metabolism normal for it balances your metabolism rate.
9. Green tea is good also for infections like colds, flu and cough for it has potent substances that helps in preventing or getting rid of them. It can even fight bacteria that cause tooth decay.

See? Actually, these are not the only benefits of Green Tea. You should also start drinking green tea now. To help with the taste, you might want to squeeze a piece of lemon to it to add flavor to it. Anyway, once you get used to it you will find the flavor inviting. Just remember, a cup of green tea a day to keep the doctors away.

Monday, January 19, 2009

State-of-the-Art ID reader

I was amazed totally of how technology could develop a wonderful device that would extremely contribute to many institutions worldwide: government, private, multi-national whatever would that be.
It's the Snapshell IDR a scanner of Driver's Licence and the unique ID reader which could recognize various and latest versions of identification cards. Bundled with awesome package : can extract text, speedy image capture, ID placement auto detection, and best of all no need to calibrate and without moving parts.
With exceptional scanning and processing speed packaged with a powerful OCR engine, SnapShell IDR is perfect for customer service offices, government agencies, bars & clubs, various businesses, and third party kiosk applications. Just go and see out for more!

Support My Sponsor
Code Of Ethics

I will not be there

You have hurt me in so many ways
More ways than you can ever believe
Being a good friend to the one who actually cared
I something you did not achieve

I did so much for you
And was nothing but a friend
But all of that is over
I guess this has to be the end

I was the one you used to talk to
About everything that went through your mind
I thought that you were different than the rest
I thought that you were a magnificent find

But now you have hurt me so much
And I don’t know what to do
I used to think that you actually cared about me
But all you really cared about was you

You talked so down to me
And in a way that no one else would
If I was strong enough to tell you what I actually thought
I guarantee you, I would

So you can think what you want
Because my opinion will never change
Now that you came in and hurt my heart
My whole life I have to rearrange

I have people who actually care about me
Because I know that you never will
But now I have an empty space in my heart
That you will never again get to fill

So continue on with your life
But it will have to be without me
Because all of the times I was hurting
Because of you, the same I will never be

So when you have nobody
And you need somebody to care
Do not try to call me
Because I will not be there

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Online Writing: Tips to a quality composition

Just recently a certified copywriter (name disclosed) has offered me an interesting online writing job. If you are not familiar with it, I will give you a brief description. Online Writing is quite in line with blogging in the sense that you will construct about certain "topic title" given to you. The difference only is that in Online Writing job you have to submit legitimate write-ups and not just product of the mind. Researching over the net for related topics and gathering the related information to compose a valid article.

Maximizing your time by composing articles during your free hours for some copywriters and publishers could be rewarding. However, online writing is not an easy job. There are qualifications that we need to meet in order to meet the criteria of the clients and be able to submit an eminence work. For that I outlined here some tips given to me by my mentor that is beneficial for me and may be helpful for you in the future.

1. The title must be INTERESTING and be able to capture the readers' attention.
2. The "keywords" given must be at the front of the title. For example if you are given "kidney stone pain" , your title should be like this: " KIDNEY STONE PAIN- A MENACE"
3. The Title, 1st, 2nd and last paragraphs must contain the keywords. In addition, the paragraphs must be coherent or smooth flowing.
4. Vary your writing style from your resources. Make it a pointer style and easier to read.
5. Publishers prefer paragraphs that contain 4 to 5 sentences only to allow easy reading.
6. Used of scientific terms or difficult terms are discouraged.
7. Avoid using information enclosed in parenthesis, either you explain it or do away with it as it clutters the format.
8. Another important thing, please watch your grammar.
9. Most importantly, the articles must be unique. Do not plagiarized or copy word for word from the resources. Check your work for plagiarism by logging into to aim 0% plagiarism.

That's it. I hope my pointers will contribute to your future online writing career. Remember , writing is the expression of your soul. If out of the abundance of the heart , the mouth speaks; the pen composes the filling of your mind and soul.

Make Yourself Amazing

Hey lovelies, I'm dying to tell you a secret. Well, it's kind of personal experience, not mind though but of my cousin who is in the UK. (Hi Shely please don't kill me if you happen to sneak here at my blog. he he.) She always bubbled to me about body reshaping and breast augmentation and total make-over over the YM. "It's not that I'm not pretty, i just want to be drop-dead gorgeous even with 2 kids", her favorite line.

Then just today, I chatted with her.. OMG! As in Oh My God, she is totally drop-dead gorgeous (on live cam). She did had Cosmetic Surgery with MYA ! She has Fuller breast and more vivacious body. I'm awe-struck. She then non-stop fizzed about the procedures which are simple and safe. And great fact she just stayed overnight at the hospital and just spent a week with recovery. And best of all, the price is right! I frantically browse over their site. It's really super. They offer a lot of cosmetic surgery procedures with the best surgeons and to top it all, an "aftercare" which is included in your package that makes MYA best.

Hey and more, guys there are goodies for you too! MYA offers cosmetic surgery for men . Check it out for yourself and have the Never Ending Youth to make yourself amazing.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

A certified PPP Postie!

Hi everyone! I know I have been a little lacking in my blogging hobby this few days passed as I was so busy with work and some other online writing job plus I am sick with "flu" due to the abnormal low temperature. Anyway, I see to it that you will be updated with the latest in my blogging career. He he.

Though my eyes are teary, it wont stop me from blogging what I have received in my mail today. After a long waiting for the verdict of Customer Love, finally I got their notification. PayPerPost says " YOUR BLOG HAS BEEN APPROVED" . Wow!! I am so happy. (:=D

You see, I was really born with the interest of writing anything I love. Even before the blogging world came to my knowledge, I already wrote some stuffs in my slum book and in my personal computer. But, nothing beats than earning from your hobbies and interests , right? Blogging is enjoyable for me , but it would become a super loved engagement when you earn fat Mr. $ by doing it. Payperpost will do it for me. I am excited to receive my first OPP (opportunity) and be rewarded out of it.

Hey, do you want to earn too? Be a PPP postie and get a chance to be paid for writing what you love. Just log in to and see the wonders that site can bring to you. Good luck to your blogging career! Thanks Customer love for trusting me. I will do my best to meet your expectations.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Letter

My eyes are brimming with tears now and it continued to shed, my heart is torn in pieces and I cant help but blog about it. I asked my friend if it's okay to post it here and thankfully she gave her go ahead.

It is a letter from a woman who's heart has been battered a thousand times from the pain her husband is inflicting on her and to her family. To give you a narrow background, My friend and her kids were left by her husband when he joined the US Navy with the promise that they will shortly follow him in the US. However, because of a very striking circumstances all their dreams falter. She is almost a year now, crying over our shoulder sharing all the grief-stricken tales of her husband's unfaithfulness. Whenever I heard about it, I can't help but feel pity for her and built my anguish towards the husband. I want her to feel angry to her husband too and if possible do the revenging things, cause I can't imagine a guy who would leave her dutiful wife with their kids for a new woman he had just met out there!

However today, to my amazement, she called me over her table and let me check on her mail for her husband. I was totally at a loss for word.. How could she, who has been weeping and hurting , still had the heart to write like that. It that what you call unconditional love? I admired my friend a lot. If I am strong, she is ten times stronger than me. It is a love beyond compare, a love without question. A love so strong that even a thousand pains could not drown or withstand it.

Here is the letter anyway, copied and not edited....

Dear Daddy
I maybe hurt, mad and disappointed but I just want you to know that
we still love you if ever things have change and you realize your mistake
come back to us. we are still waiting for you, no question ask.
You're my husband. I made a promise to our creator that I will love you
till death do us apart. You are not alone in your problems.
Though you have said a lot of painful words to me, I will continue to forgive you. You will not be alone when you grow old, I and the kids are still here for you.

we are waiting for you to come home. Now, if you are happy where you are,
go ahead and continue to do what makes you happy. Just dont forget your responsibility to the kids.But if things will change, whatever happens , come back to us. we are still here, we could always start anew .We are not the ones who left you, You were the one who left us. We will just be here waiting for your return.

(undisclosed name)
The heart could really see what other people could not contemplate or understand. That love is unconditional.

Monday, January 12, 2009


"Don't speak bad words", "beware of Ill-mouthing" ., were always the reminder of our parents and even in Church Children's meeting to us. So we were always careful about the words that came out from our mouth, reminding each other whenever a "bad word" was spoken.

Things changed though, when I entered college and join the block of young Political Scientists. Freedom of speech was exercised , thus welcoming all sorts of words from funny, to ill, and to "green". We had a lot of "name-calling" which were obviously "green" in nature. That was the norm, If you deviated from the norm you will become a "social outcast" . I not only learned to laugh but I was the leader in creating jokes for us to laugh. I spoke the wrong thing because my heart wasn't right. I came upon His word in Matthew 12:34 and 36 that says, " For out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.. on the day of judgment you will have to give an account for every careless word you utter." This truth made me sends some cool feeling into my spine and gripped my heart. This is a warning for me.

I am created to be a vessel of the Lord and to reflect His image like a mirror. My heart should be rich of his words and not of the nonsense things in this world. He is Pure -our heart, speech and action should be as He is. May we see this and come to full realization. This is my personal battle but I hope it would be yours too, that fountains of blessing will flow and that our Creator will be glorified when we give an account to HIM.

Blog Advertising? Raise Your Hand if you want..

We are now in the century where computer does the work and Internet is the "in" engine to reach the world from pole to pole. Blogging is a hip and you are not on the train if you do not know anything about blogging. Latest issues, talks about products, opinions and latest chic is spread like wildfire over the blogosphere through real people which blogs about their real experience over products and things. It is also an "in" nowadays that most people do more internet shopping than literally having tiring mall trips to look for a new product. The world is really getting smaller through the Internet.

Obviously, the Internet is now the today's marketplace. Blog advertising then is a tool for the word of mouth advertising is spread. It is very relevant for the business world. Whether you are a big company or a home shop you can compete on equal terms for customers through blog advertising. I tell you it is far better than the obvious forms of advertising. Real people will blog for your product which makes it reliable and consistent. One more thing , I assure it wont cost you huge amount of Mr. Dollar from your pocket. When you advertise on blog , you reach thousands of people with each post with a little amount of money paid for the blogger. See? It is far more better than the usual big amount-paid advertising. This is easy right? The internet has made it possible and Paying Post has made it easy.

Are you then an advertiser? Why don't you try and advertise on blogs and see for yourself the amazing things that this tool can bring to you and your business with the assurance that it wont cause you an arm or leg. Look no further.. Hit the Link above and Know More about which has a new layout for the both blogger and advertisers !!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Best Love for the Lord

" I give You the first place in all things by Faith, let nothing take Your place in all my heart.. Infuse me with Yourself abundantly.. till we meet Dear Lord, I'll love You with my Best Love"

The above line is the earnest prayer and desire of one who loves the Lord with the Best Love.

He has been our life-supply and the reality of all things we need , yet we are short of loving Him with our Best Love. Oftentimes, we take the glory of the world in His place which leaves Him to be our second option and remembers Him only at the time of dire needs and situations. We blog for a lot of things , yet we forget to blog for this wonderful Person. We always say that we Love the Lord , but in reality we love other things in the world more than Him. The sadder truth is we only turn to Him in times of trouble but in Happy situations we tend to disregard. This should not be our attitude towards our Master. We should give Him the pre-eminence in all things. Let Him be our head in all things and take Him as our life and living. Let the prayer above be our sober intention.. We should have a heart that loves Him with the bridal love, loving Him to the uttermost till His second appearing.

My Daughter's bestfriend

Thinking about my daughter sends a feeling of warmth into my heart. She is growing so fast from a little squirmy one to a very lively Toddie. However, thinking about her bestfriend brings a more warmth and feeling of joy to me.

She has a bestfriend from two months old till present. That friend came from the box my cousin in Australia sent us one Christmastime. It was a white "Bunny" stuffed toy. Her nanny just put sweet "bun-bun" as Alikah calls it, beside one day. From that time on, it became her bestfriend. Ali can't literally sleep without it. Bun-bun is everywhere where Ali is, except for short mall trip and get-aways around the city. She cannot take her milk without cuddling bun-bun and moreover cannot take afternoon nap without it beside her. Bun-bun smells like Ali , i think so too. he he. Bun-bun have been to many places as where my daughter is , there is also Bun-bun.

The sense of attachment of my daughter to her friend is so touching. As little as she is , she knows now the value of one thing. If we have all the same feeling to one another , this world could be a nicer place to live in. What I worry now is that, the tiny little Bunny is getting old and worn out. Sometimes she cried to me and asked "Mama can you stich Bun-bun's arm cause it will fall off?" That little friend of her's will wear out someday. Can I find something that would replace it when that time comes? I bet no. Bun-bun is special for her, she will grow up and outgrow having a childhood best buddy , but I know in her heart Bun-bun will always be her bestfriend. It might not be the cutiest stuffed toy in the world but it is most valued by me as together with the wearing out of that wozy bunny are the memories of my little girl when she was young and tender.

Friday, January 9, 2009

I Wonder How You Are

Sitting here in the middle of the noon
Fiddling the keyboard and listening to the tune
Picture of You suddenly sparks at my lovely head..
I suddenly remember you instead..

I wonder where you are ...
And I wonder How you are..
You suddenly disappeared without a goodbye
And It made my heart cry..

Almost two months have passed...
Without having you say "hello or how are you"..
Your phone is dead and I can't reach you.
I really wonder what is with you..

Though how much I wanted to see you..
and how I long to be with you..
My mind says to let go..
I cannot force you to love me..
Nor beg you to stay...

All I wish is you be safe and sound..
That all your dreams be found..
May you be happy with your own family someday ..
And just wish that you'll remember me!!!

With love always.....

Internet Love Finally Happily Ever After

Wedding bells sounded last Saturday at the Garden somewhere here in my place!!! My cousin got married at last!! Congratulations Irene!! We all wish you a happy marriage blessed and knotted with the Grace and Mercy of our Father above.

I'm so happy for her, and that's the reason why I blog about it. Her age is not getting younger anymore and she was afraid of having to be an old maid. Thanks to the Internet Dating Guide Site , this site did not fail me. I was the one who discovered it and suggested Irene to check on it thinking that it might help her. It did!! Thanks God. She found the bone of her bone in that site. It was an internet Romance. (giggles..) They were obviously in- love via "Internet Dating" .. H mm , that site is great in their helpful and fantastic Internet Dating Tips and there are tons of tested Internet Dating Sites introduced too where cousin-bear obviously stumbled upon one of them. Just so happy that I can't stop to blog about this. Are you trying to find your match too? Why don't you try and personally experience what I have told you. Go and open the "Dating Profiles" who knows one of them may be your soul and heart's one true Love. Good luck!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Gift For Your Valentine

Time really is so quick. It's January 09 and before we realize it, February will be coming in! Since time is fast , we might as well be hasty in all our plans for the approaching Months. Hmm better start with the first big day that is coming.. Valentines!! It's coming and I can smell the sweetness of the air. Have you thought already of a gift for your Valentine? Well, if you're planning to ask me what I want, I want Flowers.. Valentine's Day Flowers are so sweet and heart melting.

I have a sister in Australia and she's in NSW. I really envy her, cause in her 10 years of marriage her hubby never fails to give her flowers every Valentine's Day that comes in their lives. So Sweet of my brother-in law Simon. My sissy said Simon always ordered from an online site where you can order flowers for any occasion and be delivered to anywhere in Australia wide FOR FREE!!! Cool right?! I have check their site too and Oh my God it's awesome. The flowers are so nice and the arrangements are special. Their Valentine's day Flowers have six variants to choose from. It's really the Perfect Gift for Your Valentine.

Hm mm , I wish my Valentine will go and get them for me .. Pretty Please!!!

Not my Own but by HIM

Every New year , we take an oath, a pledge , a list of resolution which is for us to step up and be better than what we are or where we may be on the previous year. Many of us would always mouth , " I will change for this year" , "I'll never do that again", "I promise to work more and earn more" , etc. etc. etc.

I have a lot in my list. I have a lot of things that I wanted to happen or desired to have or even longings for a better me. However, it has been my realization that year after year all my self-efforts are vain. I may have done in the first few months of the year, but in the long-run have forgotten. No matter how much I struggle for self renewing with my own power, I keep on stumbling. My "self" is basically sinful in nature. All of us no matter how we live decently we still sin for sin is already injected in our flesh when Adam and Eve fell short of the Glory of God in the Garden of Eden.

Therefore, when we want a true New Year's Resolution we should do it by HIM who empowers us. It is not by our own might and power but by His Spirit. Only when we take the Lord as our life and living can we have a true renewing and can we have the highest standard of Morality.

Are We Almost at the End?

Seriously, the question above is playing in my head. I am wondering if we are almost there, the thing they called "End" of this world. Don't think I've been ridiculous or what, I am just giving thought to that idea.

Yes, we have been hearing that same line from the time we know how to understand. But years passed and that end never came. This idea rung at my head because of a thing that I have observed.

It's the ticking of the hand of Mr. Clock. I don't know if you also noticed what I have observed. Time goes by so quickly this age. From the rising of the sun till the sitting of the same, it seems that time is very fast. I could hardly imagine that the next time I peep at the clock it's already 4:30 in the afternoon yet my feeling is I have just eaten my lunch. Got my point? Today, I woke up feeling drowsy and sleepy because of my personal thinking that my time of sleep was insufficient. I did not sleep late, but it's the pace of time that made it lacking for my sense. I felt like I have just slept and yet when I opened my eyes to check my alarm it's already nearing 5am. Huh!! That was fast enough. It made my head so heavy. Time , days, years surely will run so swift that in every tick of the clock is a second away from where or what you are now.

Are we then almost at the End? Whether the answer be yes or know , what matters most is that we spend our time as gold. How we spend them , is how we spend our lives. That if the "End" comes , we might make ourselves ready to meet the Master. The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of sixty minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is. Time is a companion that goes with us on a journey. It reminds us to cherish each moment, because it will never come again. What we leave behind is not as important as how we have lived.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

How Do I Forget Someone who hurt Me?

The above title is a familiar line I always hear when someone is in a dilemma of getting hurt from past lovers or relationship partners. This question is inevitable. I for one may sometimes doodle myself and try to think of ways on how to forget someone who hurt me so badly. I want the pain to go away. But then again and again forgetting doesn't help. It is more painful enough the next time I remember.

I then realize that there is no magic way in forgetting. It will never happen that in a snap of our fingers their images will suddenly slip off our thoughts or may never happen that we will wake up one day and never remember the name. Sad thing right? But that's reality. It's life, you experience it so you remember.

The only thing we could do is move on. As always said , moving on is not forgetting but accepting the things that happened and trying to live with it. Either find other things more precious than hurting memories to occupy your mind. You may also mingle with friends and people who will be there for you. If someone leaves us, I assure you it's not the end of the world. As someone texted me before "sometimes the people we thought we couldn't live without, were actually the ones who stopped us from living.." so go on, move on.. Life is so short to dwell on things that may hinder you from reaching your goal.

There are too many fish in the sea.. It just takes time to heal the throbbing pain, but it will wear off. You will remember but you will overcome eventually!! It just takes time and Patience..

Monday, January 5, 2009

A New Year's Message from My heart

The new year has stepped down and bid 2008 away. It is time wash the traces of oldness and be refreshed with all that's new. New life, new beginnings, new way to journey on and new set of dreams and desires to hit for!!

Wear away the old memories that never were useful to your existence. Bury them to the grave of forgetting and restart your being. I for one, had a lot of tearful moments in the past year, but I vowed to myself and to the One Almighty that gone all those with the wind. The Lord is my real beginning, The Alpha and Omega, the Great "I am" who has been the reality of all the things I need. Having a new life will only become real if we have the real refreshing and renewing from within. Time is so fast which makes life so short. It is not right to dwell on things that will make us bitter. The secret to a great living is being happy for the things we have and we have not. Let us try to be contented. I have sense that our real contentment is Christ alone. Human life never acknowledge the word contentment.

Accept what has happened in the past and never regret. All things happened for a reason. And all reason are under the Lord's sovereign hand. Remember the Lord could never be wrong. Just go and be happy with it. As the saying goes, "dont cry because it's over, but smile because it happened". The people who came and and went out of my life will remain a part of the past , but they will never hinder me from moving on to where I should be.

Embrace Life as it comes to you and let go of the pain that may block your way!! Happy New Year to ALL!!!