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Monday, January 26, 2009

How to combat when Mr. Sickness Attacks

I have missed my blogging hobby for two days straight. Mr. Sickness came knocking over the door of my body and my over-all body system welcome him in. Oh, I was really down in bed sick for two days straight. I am at work today and still not feeling any better, still having stuffy nose, sneezing over and over, tired red-eyes and with all the headaches. I need to combat Mr. Sickness' attack.

Whoever wants to get sick? None, I'm sure. We always want it to go away. I did not take any prescribed medicine, though how sore is my throat. What I do is drink plenty of water . Water therapy works with me. I know from experience and little research that drinking a lot of fluid aids in getting rid with flu. So I just did. But, if these viruses needs a little more pushing and if it wont work with water alone, well, hope it will work this time. I give it a heavy dose of green tea. Green tea has 100 times more potent anti-bacterial action than vitamin c.

From my self-meditation, I just realized that having lower immune system must have a portion from having lack of proper exercise. I admit, I am really getting lazy to hit the track and do some heating body routine. Exercise offers a lot of benefit anyway as known and read from some articles over the net. With this, I promise to divulge more of my time to get my body burning. Another thing, we need also to eat the right kind of food. Food which are rich in vitamins and minerals that are needed in our body to function well.

There are a lot of ways really to combat Mr. Sickness' attack. It is just the lack of body awareness that causes us sometimes to be conquered. Getting sick should have no place in us nowadays.It is not practical to get sick. Sickness takes our time, it takes away our money and moreover keeps us away from spending quality time with our family. So be aware. Our health is us. Remember if sickness persist consult your physician. That,.. I should be doing after this. =)

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