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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Daily Energy-savers tip!!!

My husband always would remind me, "Shelo unplug your computer after using it" (after blabbering that it will not rain money tomorrow). But I remember my friend told me that turning things on and off will waste more energy than it can save. Huh!! Whoever is right? Anyway, here's a helpful tip when to turn power off.

Lights: It is wise to switch the lights off whenever you leave the room. Power is not consumed more by turning lights on and off. A 100-watt bulb left on eight hours a day burns $30 or more electricity a year.

Car: If you are required to stop for more than a minute, turn down the power of your car. According to environmental activist Laurie David, running a car emits more pollutant than restarting.

Computers: When you stepped away for longer, switch the computer off and unplug the cord from the power supply for it still draws electricity even when the computer is off. If you would just be away for few minutes program it to "sleep" after 30 minutes of being on standby, it will cut the power usage by up to 90%. Monitors also are a big energy sifters, turn it off after 20 minutes of non-use.

Television: Turn off the TV whenever no one is watching. It is sometimes a habit at home to leave the TV on without anyone watching it. If it would take long before you watch again, unplug the cord from the power supply. With the power cord still attached it will still consume 25% of energy.

Whew!! It sure does remind me too be particular about these things. I need to save money for some important things on the future. It is so sickening to pay big bills for electricity alone. I will
start it right away tonight as I'll be home.

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