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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Why I Drink GreenTea: The Goodness of It

Sipping a hot cup of tea really makes my afternoon right. I have been drinking tea for many years now and I find no unhealthy side effect out of it. In fact tea boosts my immune system.

I just thought I would blog about it while drinking my cup now. I want you to know why I drink tea regularly. In case you are not aware, tea, specially "green tea" has a magical effect to the following areas:

1. Cancer- green tea has the capacity to reduce the threat of cancer. Green tea antioxidants are surprisingly 100 times better than that of ascorbic acid and 25 folds effective than vitamin E , thus aids the body in cell protection from damage which are related to cancer.
2. Green tea is good for the heart. It is beneficial as it lowers blood cholesterol that may lead to heart diseases.
3. Green tea is the best anti-aging agent. Tea polyphenols attacks free radicals , thus promoting longevity of cells and aging.
4. It has a great slimming effect too. Drinking green tea a day makes you burn 70 calories. Wow , it surely helps.
5. Green tea also helps in promoting and preserving bone density.
6. It is good for preventing High Blood Pressure. Green tea lowers the bad cholesterol.
7. Green tea combats obesity. It blocks the movement of glucose in fat cells.
8. It is helpful for those who have the history of rising sugar levels. Green tea makes lipid and glucose metabolism normal for it balances your metabolism rate.
9. Green tea is good also for infections like colds, flu and cough for it has potent substances that helps in preventing or getting rid of them. It can even fight bacteria that cause tooth decay.

See? Actually, these are not the only benefits of Green Tea. You should also start drinking green tea now. To help with the taste, you might want to squeeze a piece of lemon to it to add flavor to it. Anyway, once you get used to it you will find the flavor inviting. Just remember, a cup of green tea a day to keep the doctors away.

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