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Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Daughter's bestfriend

Thinking about my daughter sends a feeling of warmth into my heart. She is growing so fast from a little squirmy one to a very lively Toddie. However, thinking about her bestfriend brings a more warmth and feeling of joy to me.

She has a bestfriend from two months old till present. That friend came from the box my cousin in Australia sent us one Christmastime. It was a white "Bunny" stuffed toy. Her nanny just put sweet "bun-bun" as Alikah calls it, beside one day. From that time on, it became her bestfriend. Ali can't literally sleep without it. Bun-bun is everywhere where Ali is, except for short mall trip and get-aways around the city. She cannot take her milk without cuddling bun-bun and moreover cannot take afternoon nap without it beside her. Bun-bun smells like Ali , i think so too. he he. Bun-bun have been to many places as where my daughter is , there is also Bun-bun.

The sense of attachment of my daughter to her friend is so touching. As little as she is , she knows now the value of one thing. If we have all the same feeling to one another , this world could be a nicer place to live in. What I worry now is that, the tiny little Bunny is getting old and worn out. Sometimes she cried to me and asked "Mama can you stich Bun-bun's arm cause it will fall off?" That little friend of her's will wear out someday. Can I find something that would replace it when that time comes? I bet no. Bun-bun is special for her, she will grow up and outgrow having a childhood best buddy , but I know in her heart Bun-bun will always be her bestfriend. It might not be the cutiest stuffed toy in the world but it is most valued by me as together with the wearing out of that wozy bunny are the memories of my little girl when she was young and tender.

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