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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Online Writing: Tips to a quality composition

Just recently a certified copywriter (name disclosed) has offered me an interesting online writing job. If you are not familiar with it, I will give you a brief description. Online Writing is quite in line with blogging in the sense that you will construct about certain "topic title" given to you. The difference only is that in Online Writing job you have to submit legitimate write-ups and not just product of the mind. Researching over the net for related topics and gathering the related information to compose a valid article.

Maximizing your time by composing articles during your free hours for some copywriters and publishers could be rewarding. However, online writing is not an easy job. There are qualifications that we need to meet in order to meet the criteria of the clients and be able to submit an eminence work. For that I outlined here some tips given to me by my mentor that is beneficial for me and may be helpful for you in the future.

1. The title must be INTERESTING and be able to capture the readers' attention.
2. The "keywords" given must be at the front of the title. For example if you are given "kidney stone pain" , your title should be like this: " KIDNEY STONE PAIN- A MENACE"
3. The Title, 1st, 2nd and last paragraphs must contain the keywords. In addition, the paragraphs must be coherent or smooth flowing.
4. Vary your writing style from your resources. Make it a pointer style and easier to read.
5. Publishers prefer paragraphs that contain 4 to 5 sentences only to allow easy reading.
6. Used of scientific terms or difficult terms are discouraged.
7. Avoid using information enclosed in parenthesis, either you explain it or do away with it as it clutters the format.
8. Another important thing, please watch your grammar.
9. Most importantly, the articles must be unique. Do not plagiarized or copy word for word from the resources. Check your work for plagiarism by logging into to aim 0% plagiarism.

That's it. I hope my pointers will contribute to your future online writing career. Remember , writing is the expression of your soul. If out of the abundance of the heart , the mouth speaks; the pen composes the filling of your mind and soul.

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