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Friday, October 23, 2009

Mommy Moments : Tantrums, Trantrums

mommy moments

Friday again, another Mommy Moments . Praise the Lord for His mercies ever new. The Lord has been faithful in providing all the needs of our family. This week's theme for MM is all about our kid's tantrums. Kids can be so fuzzy and cranky and their moods have a lot of swings.

Talking about tantrums, I have loads of it from my daughter. She is the kind of girl who's mood changes dramatically. She loves to get all the attention. If you failed to give it to her, she will start making your head achy and achy and achy. You may wonder why I always feature my daughter here in MM and less occasions talking about my boys. Pardon me for that , it is not what you think. You might say the girl is my favorite. Of course I love all my children. It just so happen that my boys did not grow with me and do not stay with me but with my mother in the province. That is why I have little to tell about them.

Back to tantrums, I have not taken a lot of photos of her with those , but she certainly has a lot of them..
like this one.. she cried at the mall cause she wanted to go home

and this as she did not want her outfit.. , "I don't like this Mama, take it off from me"

and here, she did not want to put on clothes as she was annoyed with her yaya..

How about your kids? Do they have a lot of tantrums too? Join us at Mommy Moments and share their stories with us.

Note: This was composed last week. I was so advance in topic, that when I saw at Mommy Chris post about mall trips , I suddenly make a new entry.LOL..

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Arvin U. de la Peña said...

you have a nice daughter..she is cute..

chubskulit said...

Mukhang artista sa last pic ang prinsiseta mo sis hehehe... Ilan ba ang boys mo sa probinsya?

Rossel said...

she look great in the yellow outfit. she's pretty.

Hazel said...

ah i love her long hair, di bale na ang tantrum. it will go away :-) happy friday!

Mom of Four said...

Hehehe, mga anak ko naman, kapag nasa Mall kami, ayaw ng umuwi, di kasi ako madalas magdala ng camera, kaya di ko mapicturan yung humihiga sa sahig, hehe. Kids can be a challenge, pero ganon talaga. Ako, ignore mode nalang, kasi tama na yung sumakit ang ulo ko sa pagdala sa knila kung saan man..3 younger kids, whew.. Hasve a great day Mommy Shelo.

Anonymous said...

Buti you have a lot of pics during tantrums.. ako kasi sa inis or ingay, I forget to take a shot. Thanks for the visit earlier. :) Happy MM!

Marice said...

aww kulit ng little girl mo ;)

same here i like her outfit in the 2nd pic :)

Chris said...

kids will be kids... some are more prone to throw tantrums than others talaga..

thanks for sharing!

Willa said...

you'r daughter is so adorable! such an angel!

kikamz said...

kids will always be different mommy shelo. hopefully, your daughter will outgrow her tantrums. pero in fairness, pretty pa rin kasi nakasimangot. hehe!

Karen said...

kulet talaga minsan mga kids natin noh? kaya challenging maging mom.

Beth said...

you have a very pretty daughter!!! ang ganda niya, sana hwag msyado magtantrums, para laging pretty.

when my daughter throws tantrums, I tell her, "is that how princesses act? :) mejo tumitigil. gusto maging princess! hehehe :)

☼¨`*•.♥Rocío♥.•*¨`☼ said...

Aww she is ADORABLE!
My pink angel do the same thing with her clothing =0
Here is "My Mommy Moment♥"<--Hope you like it☺
Have a Great Day! ~Rocío

Bambie dear ★ said...

Ganun yata mga bunso, KSP lol. BUt she's really really pretty. Pwedi talaga sya artista.