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SHELO- A person who knows how to be happy though may be sad. I am a woman, a mother, a daughter. I am loving and caring. I have shattered dreams but I have hope.I have a God who arranges everything for me. I may not have a desirable past, but no one can destroy me and I am still standing. All I want is to be accepted and loved for who I am cause that is Me and That is all I can be.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Couple's Corner: Love Blossomed..

Rodliz’s Nest

It's time for beautiful love stories once again, It's COUPLE'S CORNER day. Every Wednesday, Mommy Liz of Rodliz Nest hosts this wonderful meme for couples in love in the air. If you are game and wanted to share along your own love story why not join the fun with us. Hit the badge above and we'll enjoy each others story.

So after that First Night when we laid our eyes on each other.. the love story of Zel and Mie began..

We went on our separate ways heading home after the YP meeting with the strong urge to see him again. I hadn't slept right away. I was thinking when could I lay my eyes on him again. I knew little of him. I even didn't know if he still studying or has graduated already. It was just a mere introduction at a very short while. I guess I would see him again on the next Young People's meeting.. So I was excited again for another YP gathering. LOL, the Lord must have an arching brows on me. Hey child, you are excited for the meeting not because of the spiritual enjoyment but because of a brother.. "oh sorry My Lord, it's not like that, I was enjoying every bit of life supply , at the same time enjoying the presence of a prospective brother" ha ha.

True to my thoughts , I saw him again. And for the second time, again he was late. I thought he look cuter than the last week. He was wearing red that time. He look more babier and yummier? Ha ha, forgive me for my words. Anyway, that was pure lusting on the sense. I knew I was not in love. Love was the last thing I could think on those days. I was sad that night as it turned out that we didn't have a chance to get closer. So I just concluded that there would be no chance, and anyway I had come to my senses that I am no good for him. It was only right to cut that craziness short as there was no way he would like me if he knows the real me. We went home. I made up my mind, I would erase my "crush" on him. However, fate was playing on me. After I made that vow to myself, a dorm mate called me as someone downstairs was looking for me. I was puzzled. Who would came looking for me at that almost 10 o'clock in the evening. I went down and gosh.. it was him, Zel with brother Sonny and RC. OH my God , I forgot my vow. LOL..

He came to talk and talk and know me. That was the first time, he called me my nickname, "Mie"
I guess I have told you that he is the single person in the universe who calls me that name. Until now that's what he calls me. I said why gave me that name? I am Shelo and that's my popular nickname. He said , "I want to call you Mie and I like it." He invited me to eat barbecue. So we went out to eat.

He was seen again at our dorm the next evening and the next evenings... Hmmm , he must be interested with me that time already. We talked until late hours about anything under the sun. One night, it was time for him to go home. I led him downstairs. That part of the stair was dark as the main light on the living room was switched off. He suddenly pulled me and kissed me on the lips. I was stunned. I can't move. There seemed to be a magnet pulling me to him. His lips was soft, I can remember clearly. Ha ha. I was torn between kissing back or not. I kissed back anyway. LOL. After the kiss, all I can say was, "ikaw ha"... I felt shy and just bid him goodnight. When he reached home he called me on the mobile and said, "I love You".. I answered, " You don't know anything about me .. Treat that kiss as nothing." But according to him, "for me we are on already".

Of course I love the thought. He was the first brother in faith to have a relationship with me if that was the case. However, I was hesitant. I never trusted his feelings. He knew so little of me. I maybe a charmer and so friendly, but I have a dark past and I can't gamble my self to be hurt again. I felt that I was not worthy of anybody's love anymore. My self esteem was greatly damaged. You see , I have disgraced myself with somebody who was not even worthy to be a father of my two children and was not even my boyfriend (another story..) Yes, I have two children that time already. He maybe cannot tell it from my looks and disposition, but alas Aljodon and Al'jered were already present. They were spawned by somebody I don't even want to remember anymore. However, dont get me wrong. I love my children and though they products of a great mistake, they are still blessings from the Lord. I even welcome the thought of ending growing old without a partner as long as I have my children. I have always asked for the Lord's forgiveness that I have not glorified His name and still dreamed that He would arrange me into my resting place , my eternal satisfaction.

Could he be the answer? How I wanted him to be, but of course I would hurt myself if he is not the one. So I avoided him as much as I can. But Zel kept on coming back for me while I kept on hiding and giving alibis. Finally, I had the courage to talk to him and I thought that would be the last. I said to him, " You should not love me, I am no one whom you could be proud of in front of your family and friends.. There are lots of girls out there who are worthy of your affection.." But His answer touched me, " Mie, I know you are afraid because of your past. If you are thinking of your two sons, why bother? Have you thought that I have no knowledge of it?, Of course, many from the church know about your past, how could I not? But I don't mind if you have two children, I can accept them, they are from the Lord. I love you Mie, please believe me".. Tears fell down and I started crying and there and then I knew love blossomed..

How I thanked the Lord for the answered prayer. Right that moment I gave him my heart, my love and affection which grew through the joys and pains of relationship. I have found the one my heart longs for. The one who could make me at home in his heart.

Hmm, I hope my story did not bore you. So, are you telling your story too? Visit COUPLE'S CORNER for more. See you next week!

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Mom of Four said...

Shelo, you story didn't bore me at all..I kept on reading and reading and reading. It's hard to stop when you started to read.

God knows who to send when we ask for someone who would love and accept us for who and what we are.

Tuwa naman ako sa gusto mong mag meeting agad para makita mo uli si ZEL, hehehe..funny thoughts yun ha.. There are people who will overlook our past to have a better future, and that's what happened to both of us. I already had my son when I met Rodney, and he accepted him as I accepted his 2 girls to be part of our family. Ganon lang yun di ba? Kapag mahal mo at mahal ka ng isang tao, di na importante ang nakaraan, ang mahalaga ay ang bukas..Oh, hanep yang mga words kong yan..

I enjoyed your story so much..Until next week...

Alicia said...

Wow, that was a beautiful love story!!!

chubskulit said...

Nyahahahaha yummier pala kakalokah ka sis hahaha.. I love reading all the love stories at CC hehehe.. Isn't it funny that even years had pass, we can still recall those happenings just like it was yesterday..

I love the fact that he accepted you whole heartedly despite of who you are in that past.. That is what we called LOVE!

re: our location, yup we are in S.Korea right now, by december pa balik namin sa States..

Thanks for always visiting sis!

Clarissa said...

I was teary eyed when I was reading your lovestory--meron akong naalala..because of love, he accepted you for what you are.That's true love,sistah!I can tell that he's so into you and he loves you so much and he accepted your two sons like his own.What a beautiful love story indeed!!^_^

Jenny said...

naksss that was a kilig love story..heheh..

All i can say sis, we're in love talaga..hahaha

eds said...

wow na-touch ako pramis.. grabe na itong story mo ha.. talaga nmang kissing back ang pinili mo hehe.. at talagang you broke ur vow for the love of your life.. me pinatunguhan nman kasi tapat at busilak nman pala ang pagmamahal nia sau.. weeehhh..

Kero said...

that is one beautiful romance. it was indeed an amazing true love from your partner. You are such a blessed lady, Shelo :)

i will look forward to reading more of your story. hope you can visit my entry here as well

Anonymous said...

I remember the time when I had my bf from church too. We met through a young people's meeting as well. What church are you going to at that time sis? Just curious.

Anyway, love your story!

shydub said...

Your story is so interesting at nakaka love struck talaga sis. I love reading your story wala akong masabi, ang bait nman ng hubby mo, swerti ka talaga. Love nga talaga yan sis.

teJan said...

ayyy! heheh... nalingaw ko sis! Godspeed sis, so interested reading your story..kilig to the bones:)


anne said...

Hala! I didn't knew the story until now grabe talaga tong meme na to, grabe saludo talaga ako, nice knowing u girl and i hope to know you more.

Chie Wilks said...

Wow..saludo ako sa pagmamahal ni hubby mo sau sis..yan ang totoong pagmamahal.. he didn't care about ur past what he cared was you, the whole you and the love he had and will always has for you...thumbs up to this....

momgen said...

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You can also read others love story in there. TC

alameu said...

Mike Taylor

Great blog! I will be back!