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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Testing, testing for Your Heart

The Heart is one of the most important organs in your body as it pumps blood and oxygen into the your system to make you alive and kicking. It is therefore wise for us to monitor our heart's condition in order to avoid risks and care for it. You no doubt already know what you should do in order to prevent heart disease: exercise, don't smoke, eat a healthy diet rich in vegetables and low in fat. However, still many die of coronary heart disease. This calls for us to be aggressive enough to watch out and control risk factors to prevent the number one killer of our world today. One thing there is engage yourself in healthy lifestyle, self-discipline and submit yourself to tests and screenings in order to foresee and be warned of the measures of the disease.

I listed below the most common tests health professionals use to tract our heart's health, plus an interpretation of the result by a certain Sharonne Hayes, M.D. Blood-pressure and cholesterol screenings are the most typical tests. The other tests are done when results are murky or when one is on the high-risk group.

test what it measures what the results mean


The force of blood againsts the

Anything over a normal reading

artery wall. High-blood pressure (120/80) increases your risks for

makes it harder for the heart to heart attack and stroke

pump blood and oxygen to the



Body fat (especially abdominal fat),

A BMI outside the normal range of
FERENCE, AND which correlates with heart-disease 18.5 to 24.9 raises your heart-
disease risk, as does a waist larger

than 35 inches or a waist as big or

bigger than your hips.
Levels of lipids found in the blood-

Ideally, total cholesterol should be

stream, including total cholesterol, 200 mg per deciliter (mg/dL) or less;

HDL (good cholesterol), LDL (bad HDL, over 50 mg/dL; LDL, 100mg/dL

cholesterol) and triglycerides, another or less; triglycerides, less than 150

type of fat in the blood mg/dL.


The amount of sugar (glucose) in the

Your normal fasting plasma glucose
GLUCOSE blood should be under 100mg/dL, which

indicates that your body is effectively

controlling blood sugar levels.


Blood flow to the heart, which can

Doctor monitors your heart rate and

indicate abnormalities such as blood- blood pressure, ECG Patterns,

flow blockages and arrhythmias. symptoms, and how long you are

able to exercise on a threadmill to

determine your risk.


Calcium deposits in the arteries, a

A Calcium artery calcification (CAC)
CALCIFICATION ONLY sign or coronary artery disease. score greater than zero indicates

plaque in the arteries.


A protein that signals inflammation in

A high CRP level (above 3 mg per liter)
C-REACTIVE PROTEIN the body. is associated with an increased risk

for cardiovascular problems.


Levels of type of cholesterol similar to

An unhealthy Lp(a) level is 30mg/dL or

LDL; high levels of Lp(a) correlate higher.

with atherosclerosis (hardening and

narrowing of the arteries).
An amino acid in the blood.

Anything over 15 micromoles per

liter indicates an increased risk of

heart disease.

Our heart is very important as I have said. It is just right to monitor our risk factors. With the above we could be helped in determining where our heart lies. Remember your heart is YOU. Even seemingly healthy women can have heart problems, which are often hard to detect. That 's why it is essential to get the recommended tests-even if you feel fine-and protect your heart if you want to live longer. LOVE YOUR HEART!!! LOVE YOUR LIFE!!!

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