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Comments Welcome Here

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

I Switch to Custom Domain

"Congratulations on completing your purchase of Your new domain has been registered with and will expire on March 5, 2010. Your domain will be automatically configured to work with the Google Apps services you select. We're excited to help you offer powerful communication and sharing tools to all your users."

My Blog is in transition to a new custom domain. I think it's fairly time to have my blog safely reside in a domain of it's own. It is still hosted by but registered at Blogger does it all for me. The transition went well with blogger doing it for me.

I want to thank personally my cousin Phebie in assisting me with purchasing my custom domain. Thank you love for the help. I owe you a burger. =) . I have to say thank you too to my new found- friend Tammy for giving me the idea that blogger helps in domain switching.

Interested in getting your blog it's own domain and have a personalized url? will do it for you. Sharing you the easy steps in doing so:

1. Go to your blog setting and click Publishing tab.
2. Click the switch to custom domain.
3. There's a portion there which will direct you to buy your domain and check for the domain name availability.
4. Once it is available you will be prompted to the registration form.
5. Once registration is done, you will be directed to checkout. Payment is not available though through paypal but you can use your credit cards and debit cards.
6. Once payment is done you are now on the track!!!
7. Blogger will directly redirect your readers to your new domain.

Those are just easy steps. Thank you for making it easy for me. By the way please change the url of my link to your blogroll to

Thanks a lot!!!!

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Rosa said...

WOW, congrats to ur new domain

Cath J said...

Hi there, thanks for sharing this. I am planning to have my own domain as well.. but still worried.. got question for all my post will gone if I switch to my own domain? Or blogger will keep it the same only the address change? Thanks sweety.. ;-)