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Friday, March 27, 2009

Mommy Moment- Beach Invasion

mommy moments

I just joined the MommyMoments initiated by a great mommy , Chris. I was inspired by the postings of my blogger friends and cousin who also participated in this. I think it's cool to capture moments with your children. Your children will not stay young forever. With the ticking of the clock is another time added to their age. It is great then to save moments to cherish.

This time MommyMoments' topic is summertime. Oh yeah moments with children during summer. Beaches, outings and anything fun under the sun..

Posting here some beach moments with my kids..

This was taken last year. I still have not seen my boys this year. They are on the province and I miss them a lot. Great that I have captured moments with them.

To join with us and share memories with your angels just click here.

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Chris said...

wow, your kids are big na pala :) how old are they? welcome to mommy moments!!! hope to see you every week....

sweet_shelo said...

Hi Mommy Chris, yes my children are big na. The eldest is 10 years old, the next is 9 and the youngest is turning 4 years old. -)

Mommy Phebie said...

gang, nice jud kaau atong beach bah?layo ra ang boracay! hahhahah

sweet_shelo said...

mem, bahala ug itom balas oi.. basta lami salom salom sa atong dagat!! hahaha