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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cashless Society: Uses Credit Cards

It has been envisaged that we are dawning the age of the "Cashless Society". It is the age where no cash will be involved in buying and selling merchandise. The age when credit cards, debit cards , cash card will rule the entire business world and if you don't have any you will be doomed to starvation. Are we really on that track? Well, only time can tell.

Hi there!! The above were just thoughts of a foreseeing mind of a wanderer in this internetwide world. LOL!! Wanna know why I got the idea? Well, I was again doing my surfing thing when I landed to . That site really comes in handy if you talk about credit card for our needs. It sure is a big help for those who are looking for the best credit card to use. You can check it for your self. A wide assortment of card offers plus the tool in that site for us to be able to compare and contrast and find the best card for us. It is like picking up the best credit card made easy and hassle-free!!! Great thing too as that site provides news and information that would make us choose wisely.

Anyway, you can use that site too to calculate your balances and balance transfer credit cards , and do some research about current offers. Their articles are very helpful too on anything you have to know about credit cards. Like for example if you are looking for a cc that offers 0% APR balance transfers , that site will help you look for it.

Credit cards are really very practical help in our marketing today. Many are afraid to own and use one. However, it is now the trend of the market today. You just need to know how to use it. When using one, it needs to be coupled with great responsibilty. Make a toplist priorities and do not go over the budget. When used with proper character credit card is your best purchasing partner on which you dont have to bring cash that invites looming robbers around. Besides, we really need one. Remember, we would eventually have a cashless society. Some establishments and service providers in countries like UK, US and other European nations don't use cash anymore. You cannot purchase services without a credit card. So that really means we are threading that track anyway....


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Forgetful Princess said...

I would love to have one. It is very useful and very convenient in times of crisis!

Rosa said...

hi sis, have an award for u -