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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Apple P1 phone

If you remembered I mentioned in my previous entry about the Modus operandi that one of the valuables that was taken from my bag by the culprits is my postpaid phone which is supplied by the company.

Well, my number is back now. Actually a day after the incident my number was back. Smart just replaced it right away. It's enrolled under my company name anyway. More to that, the company would have to replace the lost unit. so they bought a new unit for me. I said I like Pink as it is my addiction ever since. You see what they've got for me...

So, I got a pink phone now.. I just love it. Unit is Apple P1. It's not expensive I promise.

• Touch screen
• 2 MP High Definition Camera
• Compaque & Lightweight
• MP3/MP4 Player (Also compatible w/ most 3gp/midi.amr/wav format)
• High Definition QVGA 2 inch touch screen
• 2.0 Bluetooth
• Stereo earphone
• GPRS High speed Internet access, MMS message broadcast
• FM Radio with loud speaker
• High capacity battery, long standby mode
micro SD memory 1 gig comes with the unit

Cam is 2megapixel only , no flash.. It's okay I have my digicam anyway. What I love here is the dual sim active capability. I can receive text and call from both sim anytime. Ot's great right? I don't have to bring two cellphones everytime. Nice , right? By the way, my phone here at the office is Yellow.. I own it. It's my personal unit , I just brought it to office as I want to use it here. He he.. Guess where I bought that? In the Japan surplus shop somewhere.

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Mommy Phebie said...

mem, truly God has a planned why ur fone was lost...that He will replace it with a NEW one that is nicer than the previous..right?

It's true that everything happens for a reason. :)

maxi said...

that's a very pretty phone! great one! you deserve it!

my boyfriend has a new Nokia N96, my birthday gift for him and I am using my almost 3 year old Nokia N73, which was a gift from my dad on my birthday when I was still in the Philippines (I disagree to change it until it's totally dead). What we love about our phones is that it both have great cameras. the N96 has a cam of 5MP while mine has a 3.2MP.

just like you, we also have a digital camera but ours is a professional one, a canon EOSD400 which we don't usually bring with us all the time as it's a big one. that is why having a great camera on our phones' great for us.

still, i love your phone. it's so attractive... fits your personality! great taste!

hope you can visit my blog sometime, too

'anniniput' said...

hello! ka nice sa cp... hehe! ako kay nawad-an sad ug cp, a cp given by my brother and I lost it 2 days after lng niya gihatag sa akoa...haaayy! last dec. 8, yeah I remember the date!
it's all my fault, very clumsy jud ko.

anyways I really like your new cp.. wide screen..hehe!

after 3 months, krun pako nagplano nga mopalit ug celpon...hmmmmm... dili ni mahal? (^_^)