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Comments Welcome Here

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SHELO- A person who knows how to be happy though may be sad. I am a woman, a mother, a daughter. I am loving and caring. I have shattered dreams but I have hope.I have a God who arranges everything for me. I may not have a desirable past, but no one can destroy me and I am still standing. All I want is to be accepted and loved for who I am cause that is Me and That is all I can be.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Introducing Country Delights

Hi Everyone!!! How are you all today. This morning, I was so excited opening my inbox. I mean I was really waiting for that email. It's the wp-theme pack from Marina of Country delights. I was blog hopping yesterday and suddenly landed over a pixel site which has a lot of purchasewares in the site. I saw Wordpress themes in the sidebar so I clicked on it and wow I was pretty awed in looking at the themes. They're so adorable and pretty.. I just love it. It was even more amazing to see the prices of her themes. It's very affordable. I mean I always see themes for sale which would range from Usd 10 up. But her's was really unbelievable, thinking of her designs which are so gorgeous.

What I did was try my luck and purchase 1 via paypal for my wp blog. It's even below Usd5. Imagine that. I was thinking that maybe there will be a chance that I wont get my theme as desired, but my thoughts were wrong. I have my theme delivered this morning to my two emails. of course I hastily uploaded it and activated it in my domain. Now I have it on in my other blog: . I am still having hard time in changing the text in the header to my domain name. I don't know how to it. Do you happen to know how I change the text? Please teach me... Thanks.

By the ways here's a snapshot of my new theme on my other blog. Isn't is lovely?

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