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SHELO- A person who knows how to be happy though may be sad. I am a woman, a mother, a daughter. I am loving and caring. I have shattered dreams but I have hope.I have a God who arranges everything for me. I may not have a desirable past, but no one can destroy me and I am still standing. All I want is to be accepted and loved for who I am cause that is Me and That is all I can be.

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Monday, March 30, 2009


I miss you so much. I miss the old familiar face, your voice, your smiles, and everything that we used to share. I hate missing you cause it's a very cold feeling. I know I could not turn back time and I guess I have to learn to be contented in dreaming.

Last night I have dreamed of you. You were so real. My heart missed a beat. You were there in a strange place. I even saw your mama and you were wearing a white sweat shirt. Your face wore the same sweet smile that I used to love and still love. Your eyes spoke of love unfathomed, and your lips were still the same that captivated me. I smelled your cologne, the same cologne that i love to smell whenever you cuddled me. I wept as I felt a surging emotion, feeling of loneliness being filled. You murmured my name with arms wide open. I ran to you with all my love and wished to God that this moment would last forever.

But 'twas only a dream. I opened my eyes, there was nothing but deep silence and loneliness even more heightened. The painful reality sat in. I only see and feel you in my dreams. I guess I have to live my life in a dreamworld for the rest of my days.


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siddharth said...

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thoughts can create mirecles...
Our interests r same …
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hOniE-GeLenE said...

surely you miss your special someone.. hope you can be with that person soon..:)
and i am sure that person misses you more..