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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Heat Stroke: A Medical Emergency

Summer sun is already smiling and we can feel the blazing heat even early in the morning. According to the weather forecast the Philippines will be experiencing the longest summer ever this year. It goes then that we have to survive under the heat for longer days. A lot of people would enjoy the season and would engage themselves to summer activities like going to beaches, to pools , summer sports fests, and lazily exposing themselves directly under the sun.

However, we need to be warned that in extreme hot sunny weather like this summer, it is not advisable to directly expose yourself under the heat of the sun for an hour straight. The heat may cause you unhealthy conditions that may result to severe physical problem and emergency.
One of the medical emergency during hot warm season is HEAT STROKE.

Heat stroke is a serious medical condition in which the body experiences over heating and has no capability to cool down itself. The body cannot dispose of the excessive heat in it because of inability to sweat due to excessive loss of water from the body (dehydration) and because of the humid environmental condition. Heat stroke if not dealt with immediately may lead to fatality.

Here are some of the causes of Heat stroke:
•Number one cause of heat stroke is the rise of temperature causing a warm humid condition
•too much activity over the hot weather
•dehydration which results from too much sweating without replacement of water loss
•excessive exposure under the sun

Sign and Symptoms that one is attacked by Heat stroke:

Heat stroke may start with the following signs of Heat exhaustion:
•one may feel very weak
•feeling dizzy
•sudden feeling of headache

if not attended to right away may progress to the following conditions:
•very high fever having temperature of 41 degree Celsius
•a very fast heartbeat
•may experience delirium

If an individual is experiencing the above symptoms and is not given immediate aid, the condition might lead to coma which may eventually result to death. It is important therefore to know what to do when one is attacked by Heat stroke.

First aid precautions:
•Bring the person to a shady cool area and have him lie down with legs elevated. Let him sip water if he is conscious. If person is unconscious get a cotton wet with water and dab it over his lips.
•Remove his clothing and apply water to the skin especially in hot areas to help it cool down. Icebag placed in the armpit of the person may also help the temperature cool down.
•Apply also ice packs to other parts like groin, ankle and the wrists.
•Fan the person.

Now that we are aware that Heat sroke is a serious medical condition, we need to take necessary precautions that attack of that kind may be avoided.

Do's and Dont's during the hot season:
1. Do not over expose yourself directly under the sun. It is not advisable to stay an hour straight under the sun.
2. Drink a lot of liquid to replenish loss water by sweating. Drink water and fruit juices. Avoid coffee , tea and alcohol.
3. Always bring umbrella when walking outdoors or wear wide-brimmed hats.
4. Wear light comfortable clothing so not to absorb heat on your body.
5. Do heavy-duty activities at early morning or during the afternoon when temperature is cooler.

Remember Heat stroke is not a simple heat related attack. This is a medical emergency. After giving first aids it is advisable to bring the patient to the hospital for further medical help.


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1 comment:

Lynn said...

very informative post especially that summer is just around the corner and heat stroke could happen to anyone.

thanks for the add, sis. done adding u too. enjoy ur week. :)