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Thursday, March 5, 2009

My PR Dropped to Zero

This is the most distressing experience for my blogging endeavor. Imagine my PR2 dropped to zero! What did I do? Just the other day , my PR was still the same and suddenly yesterday it zeroed.. It really saddened me. Apparently we are all aiming for good page rankings and increasing them as we thread along our blogging journey. It is my goal also. But all of a sudden this ranking flew away.

Any idea why Page ranks suddenly decrease? Could you please advise me how could I earn it back. I am so desperate. Your advises will be loved much. Thank you


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djtammy said...

dami man reason bakit naga dropped ang PR to zero:
una sabi nila coz of paid reviews. Pwede :-)

Pero pwede rin yung mga taong naka link sau gidelte nila imong link sa ilang page.nag baba imong rank. try to check imong mga list of friends, tan-awa if naka add ka sa ilaha..if wala-idelete pod sila para patas.lolz..mga dayaan man gud uban..

cont. blog hopping. always leave comment. lalo na sa mga taas og PR.

Mag balik man sya.

Makoy said...

thanks for the comment. Maybe u r doing paid reviews almost everyday. That is one of the reason. Please check my make money online blog. I have articles on about this topic.

Rosa said...

Hello sis, sensya na wala ako alam sa pr eh.

Prettymom said...

sis you are not alone sis, cos i also lost my pr3 in my other blog hehehe

maxi said...

thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment. i really appreciate it.

i am not actually sure why PRs drop because google does not really tell people why. it's a secret between people of google.

however, i have read lots of theories according to those who are trying to figure out why.

just like djtammy said, check those who are in your blogroll. if they are not linked to you and you are linked to them, that does not sound good because you are also supposed to get a link bank from them which should be a boost on your PR. if it is only you who's linked to them, they are so lucky for such as opportunity because you are helping them to strengthen their PR rankings. so, if you have time, check the people on your blogroll if they are still linking you back.

Makoy said that it might be by doing your paid reviews. i have also read that reason in some people's "maybe's". and still, they aren't sure. they said that having paid reviews make you add in so much links on your blog. however, these advertisers don't link you back that's why they are pulling down your PR. however, i have lots of friends on PPP or payperpost who are doing 3 posts a day (because that's the maximum)in each of their blogs and yet, their PR weren't affected. there are even some who went a PR higher.

two more things... first, did you enlist your blog or blogs in online directories already? technorati, digg, reddit, and others? if not, go google for online directories and enlist yourself to their sites. directories have high PRs and can help you improve your rankings.

second, google also needs linkbanks. you want google to improve your rank? then put some google widgets on your blog such as a google search box, a google translater widget and stuffs like that.

aray ko.. haba yata. parang isang article. hmm. write kaya ako ng article about nito, noh? dami rin kasing nagtatanong sa akin about PR drops and possible reasons behind it. it might help people.

i am actually scared that i might get affected with this PR dropping. ika nga nila, weather weather lang iyan. sana, huwag naman.

and good luck to you. sana, bumalik ang PR to 2 or higher.

keep blogging.

budiawanhutasoit said...

hi shello,
one of the reason is u r doing paid reviews (google don't like this paid review).
this is happen to most of my friends blogs who are doing paid reviews (PR3 to PR0 or N/A).
and you know..i'm hoping my PR will not drop because i'm also doing paid reviews..hahaha..

agree with Tammy, leave a comment (especially on the blog who has DO FOLLOW sign), delete the old paid reviews link, update yr blog (google love content and content is the king)..hope these could earn yr PR back.

so..don't get sad..keep yr spirit high sista' and happy blogging..

'anniniput' said...

Hmmm.. ate tinood makaguol ug mawad-an ug PR, dli nka!
I lost my PR 4 times already but I'm happy that I was able to gain it back. Ma shock gane ko, hehe! What I did was, bisan ug wla nako'y PR sige ra gihapon ko ug hop ug update sad at least twice a week... infairness effective man sya... pag nkita ni Mr. Gogol ang effort, iuli rana niya ate...

Keep on blogging parin!
Happy sunday!...ate i hope i cud see my link here s00n! thank you!!!