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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Obstetrician- Gynecologist

I decided that today I will pay tribute to my OB-Gynecologist as so far He is great in His taking care of my pre-natal periods.

I admit that even I have delivered 3 children already (one via C- section and two through normal deliveries), I am still a big coward when it comes to birthing. This is the reason that during my three past pregnancies I only have one same OB-Gynecologist. I maintained my doctor as I find her great when it comes to aiding you through your terms up to your birthing day. She was from my home city, Oroquieta City Misamis Occidental- Dra. Lorna Yap.

However, on my case now I cannot have Doctor Yap to see me through my pregnancy as I am staying here in Manila. I have managed to go home to the province before on my third child timely for birthing there, but the case now is impossible. I am working in a very strict American and Worldwide Group that do not allow extensive leave of absence. When the time comes that I will be eligible for my maternity leave, I won't be allowed to travel via air nor sea. I am not even allowed at this time of my term. I was compelled to find a doctor who would take care of me. I have no personal choice here as I have no one whom I am at ease with. I have seen couple of OB-Gyne before for minor cases and not due to pregnancy but I cannot find someone that I have my full trust on. Then I decided to see the Obstetrician-Oncologists( a doctor who specializes cancer/ tumors of the reproductive organs) who had remove the cyst of my mother. She is very good of course. I went to her on my first trimester. I find her okay and in my thoughts I know I could trust her. But the feeling of being at ease with the doctor is still wavering. Moreover, during my monthly visits to her, I have never seen a pregnant patient once. All of those who were at the clinic have varying cancer/ cysts problems. Imagine that, I was the only one with bulging stomach. The scene is distressing.

Until I met KC-my new neighbor in our new place. She many times urged me to see her OB, the one who had seen her when she was pregnant with her son Yukie. At first, I was reluctant knowing from her that the Obstetrician is a male. But she was persistent on her suggestions and invitations to come with her even for once and from that will have my personal judgment and weighing if who will be my choice. According to her, 100% she can guarantee that the doctor is good and I won't have any problem at all. So, I decided to check on her doctor and went with her one day. Actually it was already on the middle of my second trimester. But of course I still have not scratch the OB that I have been seing from the first term. True to KC's words. I find the doctor amazing. All my mind visualization before seeing him were the exact opposite. Dr. Francis Arnold Cañaveral is a very commendable man. Soft-spoken and very accommodating and helpful to the patient is what he is. He divulge longer time in seeing patient by patient. He explains well and during the check-up I assure you that you would feel very comfortable and at ease with your doctor and your pregnancy. I have learned a lot from him. The reasonable Php 300 professional fee every check-up is a lot worth it compared to the Php 500 PF of my previous OB-Oncologist. Well from the fee alone, there's a big variance already. When are you feeling uncertain Dr. Cañaveral will calm you down that all your fears and uncertainties will disappear.

I have mentioned to you that I had pre-mature labor during my birthday so I rushed to his clinic at Pembo Doctor's Clinic in Makati, he checked and did some medical procedure on me and gave me the right medication and advised me to rest. When we are about to go home, he patted my shoulder and said, "Shelo you don't have to pay anything". I will tell the cashier downstairs that no fee should be collected. I was surprised. He did a lot of things to me that time and yet he won't let me pay. There and then I know that his care and profession is by heart and not after for what he could get from patients . There's only a few like him. In fact, he is the first one I know. I am so thankful that the Lord has given me the right OB-Gynecologist. I am placed in safe hands. I thank that I have listened to KC for her suggestions to see him. I am scheduled to see him again next Saturday for check-up. I am just excited to know some developments in my nearing to full term pregnancy.

Thanks God , You are still my real OB-Gyne.

In case you might want to see Dr. Francis Arnold Cañaveral, you can see him in the following clinics:

Sampaguita corner Tarheta Street
Pembo, Makati City
Mon and Wednesday- 1-4PM
Saturdays- 9am to 1pm
tel: 728-4921

Rite-Aid Medical Clinic Inc.
Plaza Pacita, Pacita Commercial Center
Pacita Complex, San Pedro, Laguna
MWF- 9am-12pm
Tel: 868-5500


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Give honor to where honor is due

Hazel said...

Nice tribute to your OB-Gyne.

I have posted the awards on my blog. Thanks again for passing them to me. It was fun passing them to others.

monica said...

maganda talaga yung nakasanayan mo na nga OB....ayaw ko yung start from SCRATCH!!!

nanay said...

Oh! Congratulations! I just know you are pregnant. Praise God for finding a good doctor.

Bambie dear ★ said...

Thank you so much for this post. I was really hopeless about the OB gynes in the Philippines due to my previous bad experiences especially when i went home pregnant last year. Ive searched for good doctors online, recommended by forumers pero namamahalan ako sa fee nila. Your OB is amazing at professional talaga. My doctor here is a male too =) Awkward at first, pero ok lang.

Yung OB Gyne na nag check sa kin nung nasa Pinas, pinag-worry nya lang ako at (i guess) pinerahan.. If ever man in the future, I think I found the right doctor to trust.

Gynecology check up said...

congratulation Shelo..well very few people are like Dr. Francis Arnold Cañaveral, who likes and interested to help others more than money..

Anonymous said...

he is my OB gyne also and he was the best, if ever god will give another baby with no hesitation i'll get back to him:) nice shello