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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Could those be Out of the Body Experiences?

I had strange experiences before that actually happened twice that I could never explain what were those. I had dreamed of places that I have never seen before and on another period of time had seen the real places which I had seen in my dreams.

First Dream:
It happened way back when I was in first year high-school. I saw an ordinary grassy place (I still could picture it now) with a big Mango tree on the middle. It was not a beautiful place, it was just plain and simple grassland or some grassy countryside. On my dream I was just there beside the road (high-way) viewing the place. Then the dream stopped.

A year past, I was already second year high student. I was one of the girl scouts sent to Davao City for a regional camping. One of our activities while in the camping was to visit Philippine Eagle Sanctuary. The travel was quite long. We were on buses. While on the way, the driver stopped the bus so anyone who wants to pee could do it. We pulled in a grassy countryside. To my surprise, OH MY GOD! It was the exact place I had seen in my dream. The Old Mango tree with its leaves and branches touching the ground, making a big shady place like an umbrella in the middle of the thorny, creeping grasses and bushes. I immediately said, "I had been here". But , I came to my senses, of course how could I saw that place when in fact it was my first time to be in Davao City in reality.

Second Dream:
The second odd experience happened when I was on college. I had seen a resort in my dream with pools , cottages and a beach at the far end of it. We were there with my classmates and college friends. I don't know what else occurred in that dream , all I can picture clearly was the place.

When I had graduated already, there was one time that I was with friends and we went to a resort for a get together. The same unexplainable experience whirled into my senses. Cross my heart, that was the resort I had seen in the dream I had when I was a college girl. It was so strange for me, but the place was so familiar and really swore to myself that I had been there . I even knew where the Comfort rooms were situated. My friends were surprised and asked me If that was not my first time there. How could I explain. Believe me, even the uniform of the attendants in their canteen was exactly the same on what I saw on the dream.

Those were just my odd experiences that till now I have been searching for answer. Were those lucid dreams or Out of the body experiences? I have been trying to decipher what those experiences meant. Could those be places where I had been in another time dimension? The human soul is extremely a big mystery. There are lots of psychic phenomena that could sometimes never be explained. I sometimes believe that our souls can travel out of our body subconsciously and consciously if we know the proper practice. Some psychological experts never stopped defining the activities of the human soul. Some are even continuously meditating and inducing out of the body experiences.

For me, one thing is clear. Human is created beautifully by the Lord. From all the creation we are the ones only created with three parts: body, soul and spirit. Body to face the physiological world, soul to experience the psychological matters in the universe and the spirit to satisfy and contain the Lord. Out of the body experiences could be deemed substantial truth but let us always remember whatever we may try to know, let us always keep in mind that we have to stay on the path with heart.. and coming back to the realization that we are humans and made to be vessels of the most HIGH to be His expression here on earth.


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