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Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Photo Flashback No. 8

Friday Photo Flashback

Friday Flashback once again. Time to showcase our old pre-digital photos to remember old memories. Thanks to Alicia for hosting this meme.


When I was in high- school , I have been so active in extra curricular activities that almost all school clubs and groups I had been a member. This week I am showing you photos of me being one of the drum corp / band leader. I had a great fun whistling the band whistle in commanding my members. Our group led the parade during school fair, town fiesta and other town affair. We had also joined drum corp exhibition competitions. It was really fun being in the group.

Leading the group under the heat of the sun..

During a town parade...

With the group after a drum corp exhibition competition..

Happy Friday everyone!! If you want to play along Friday Photo Flashback, hit the banner above and be directed to Alicia's site. Dont forget to sign on the Mr. Mcklinky for us to hop around and visit your entry.


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His Unfailing Love said...

wow, you've done great when you were still in High Sch.
Guess, you enjoyed those times...

Thanks for the visit Shello.. Blessings to you

Clarissa said...

I was a band leader too when I was still in highschool at my province.You look lovely!!^_^

Alicia said...

Wow, look at those cute band outfits!! I remember trying out for band in middle school!

Susan said...

Oh how neat!! I was in a band all my school years.

What a dream that would of been for me to lead the band!!

Great pictures, thanks for sharing☻

The imPerfect Housewife said...

You look AWESOME!! What a fun memory that is and I was humming the tune to "The Music Man" as I was looking at your pictures. Great pictures ~ thanks for sharing those!! ♥

Jenny said...

Ang sarap balikan ang mga pangyayari di ba? Ang cute mo dito sis sa attire mo. Ganyan din kulay ng band namin. Kaya alng hindi ako ang nagsusuot. AKo alng ang nagcocommand kasi only female officer ako kaya doon ako sa band na assgned.

thanks for sharing those lovely pic of yours..

Erin said...

How neat! Look at all those photos you have of that time. What fun...

Bambie dear ★ said...

great photos.. brings back the old and good memories. Never ko na-experience yan, di kasi uso sa school namin but im sure its fun.

nanay said...

You looked so lovely She. I am sure you enjoyed your high school days.

nanay said...

You looked so lovely She. I am sure you enjoyed your high school days.