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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Hello Kitty Addiction

I have always taken mental notes as to when would I get over Hello Kitty. Hello! I am not getting any younger anymore and sometimes it made me think that HK are for the young girls. But, who cares? I still love HK.. Though it makes me looks too childish, I don't give a damn.

Check this out, this is my current love to have, as I have mentioned in my other blog. It's the Nec-laptop that comes with swarovski crystals filling the Hello Kitty Head, bows and crown as the design of the pink adorable gadget.

This is powered by an AMD Mobile Sempron 3400++ processor with a speed of 1.4 GHZ and has 100GB hard drive and 1GB RAM. I absolutely fell in love with this at first sight. The price is way still high, but I wish I would get this one day.

I found another item in my addiction and this time, I bought it for my daughter. Hello Kitty makes lunch fun. Got this Insulated two-compartment lunch box for Php 950.00 or about usd $19.99. The price is not bad considering technical details which consist of the following:

* 2 Compartments to keep foods separated
* Add a chill pack in the bottom
* Keep foods chilled for the day
* Tested lead safe Peva liner

Have to find more of my HK addiction. It just shows that even I am not a little girl anymore, I could still embrace my fondness to the cuteness of HK even for my daughter.=)


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monica said...

same here, I LOVE HK too!!! kahit na sa baby ko na lng yung HK pero gus2 ko parin magkaroon ng mg stuffs of HK.

genejosh said...

I love HK too! hope makabuy ka nga ng laptop na HK and me too!...he..he..thanks for sponsoring pala..YES of course the sponsors could join the contest..pwede din ba ang host?..he..he...

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