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Monday, September 28, 2009

More on Typhoon Ondoy

Let us pray for the distress victims who lost their homes and their living due to the Typhoon Ondoy.

The street that becomes a river..

Rescuing them from the Rooftop..
Wading it's way into the strong current of the gushing waters..
Save them from the top..

Thanks to those who volunteered for the rescue operation..

NCR turns into a great muddy river..

The worst traffic...
Making it's way through the electric wires..
Letting them in into the rubber boats..

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Willa said...

hay grabe...kawawa naman mga tao. I hope to hear from my family soon.:(

David Funk said...

Wow! Those pictures alone tell a lot. I hope and pray for everyone as well.

I haven't seen images like this since Hurricane Katrina in 2005 here in the USA.

I'm glad you are okay, and I hope the rest of my friends there in the area are, too.

Jes said...

thnks for the visit girl =) i really apreciate it. Yeah thnk God for all his Goodness! Goodthing I have relatives na nadaanan ko and their place is safe kasi nde binaha. God is really good. and yes im afraid nung time n magkakahiwalay kme but God has a way...nakauwi nmnkem nung kinaumagahan. Ipagdasal ntin ang ating mga kababayan. salamt sis!

Alicia said...

Oh my gosh, that makes me so sad. Especially when I see the little children.

grace fancubit said...

ooppsss.. You got the right pics sis. Yes! We will continue to pray for this calamity.

nanay said...

so sad for them who are affected. I am giving aids to Operation Blessings.

Seiko said...

Grabe pala talaga ang nangyari & my heart aches upon seing these.

onlinemommy said...

Our country's current situation is saddening. The death toll is continuously rising. It will take time before everything will be back in place. My husband and I are continuously praying not only for our brethren who are also affected but also to all Filipinos who lost someone or properties because of this typhoon.