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Friday, September 25, 2009

Mommy Moments: Her Favorite Bunny!

mommy moments

I was not able to play along last week due to some medical emergency regarding my pregnancy. However, I'm here again, playing along... This week's theme is "It's My Favorite", showing any photo of our children with any of their favorite.

What I will share you this week is my daughter's favorite plush bunny which she calls " Bunbun"

Bebay's Bestfriend- Her favorite Bunny

Meet Bunbun, a soft plush bunny toy which arrived together with the box from Australia sent to us about 4 years ago.

This is how Bunbun looked like when it arrived to us years before. Soft, cuddly and cute bunny. It actually arrived together with a lot of soft toys for my daughter. I never thought that this little plushy toy would become my daughter's favorite, actually her best friend. I have blogged about this before titled "My Daughter's bestfriend" .

How they became best friends? Let me start it this way, Bebay was only two months old or three when Bunbun became her favorite. Ludy , her nanny or yaya just decided to place the toy at her arms for her cuddle one day. From then on, she noticed that Bebay slept well when bunbun was near her or at her reach. Until the day came that she could not sleep without it that she would cry and fuzz if bunbun was not at her side. Bun-bun is everywhere where she is, except for short mall trip and get-aways around the city. Bunbun has been with us when we took vacations at the province, during confinement at the hospital that a lot of people knew the little toy rabbit to be her favorite. She cannot take her milk without cuddling bunbun and moreover cannot take afternoon nap without it beside her. Bun-bun smells like bebay , i think so too. he he. I even saw her putting Bunbun at her school bag at her first day of school as she said, she would bring it along with her in school. Of course I did not allow her. Bunbun have been to many places as where my daughter is , there is also Bunbun.

If my daughter is growing older each year, bunbun is also getting old and worn out and literally not so cute anymore.. LOL. Look at some photos of bunbun 2 years ago. This plushy still survive up to the present, but just imagine how thin, worn and how raggy it could be with eyes off and little of the nose left..and the round face becomes oblongated.. LOL. I even joked that we should throw bunbun already as it's not good anymore, but she'll just cry out loud and won't let us do anything about it.
A lot of toys and soft cuddly bunnies were sent year by year and even bought by me BUT NOTHING BEATS HER FAVORITE BUNNY.

Now, it's time for you to tell your story. Join us at Mommy Moments here and tell us your kid's favorite.

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Willa said...

awww...that was very sweet of her to love her bunny with loyalty, maybe if she can relaly take good care of it, you can save it and give it to her future daughter. :)

Hazel said...

Bun-bun would easily become my favorite too if he were mine :-) Some of my best toys (gorgeous barbie dolls) when I was a kid were also shipped from Australia. I sweetly relate to Bebay's best friend. Hugs!

jenny said...

oh, what a cutie.... Happy mommy moments... I love the last pic.

my post is up also

Mauie Flores said...

Wow, Bunbun is one lucky bunny.

SASSY MOM said...

Bun-bun is such a cutie.. My son also had a stuff toy when he was a baby but I had to take it out from him because of his allergies.

chubskulit said...

Awwww Bubun is definitely Bebay's bestfriend hehhe.. so cute!

Here's Our Favorites

life's journey said...

She is cute little girl. Happy MM! Mine is ready.

Mai said...

it really shows that bun-bun is rally her favorite! her mouth shows it.. haha!

Bambie dear ★ said...

what a cute story of your pretty daughter and bunbun.. it's really common for babies to get attached with their toys (or with anything interests them). Parang they feel safe and secured. YUng brother ng hubby ko naman, may favorite blanket, and he would cry outloud daw kung wala yung fave blanket nya lol and ayaw nya daw palaba..

happy weekends

Clarissa said...

Bun-bun's so cute to be your daughters bestfriend!!My kids loves Elmo as their bestfriend,too!!Cutie lil kid you have!!^_^

Thanks for dropping by and Happy Mommy Moments to you,too!!^_^

Meikah said...

Oh my the story of Bun-bun and your daughter. ;) Stuffed toys tend to have that effect on most kids.


so cute

Eds said...

Soo cuteeee!!! I love bunnies too! :)

Mine is here:

nuts said...

bun-bun is so cute still. that's true mommy, no other bunny or stuff will replace bun-bun in your daughter's heart.

Evan's Mom said...

Oh Bunbun can be my favorite toy too :)

Thank God your pregnancy is fine now. God is certainly taking care of you and the baby.

Have a good weekend

Chris said...

irreplaceable! :D

Cecile said...

my son couldn't sleep without his fave teddy bear also...

jeng said...

Awww...stuffed toys can really have that effect on kids. I used to have a teddy bear as a best friend when I was a kid. : )

darly said...

i think that's one favorite that she'll take with her till she grows up... cutie bun bun

Happy MM and mine is up too, check it out.

kikamz said...

just look at her little lovey dovey bunny! it is so cute! i guess it is all tattered and worn from all the years of being carried out. and i bet she wouldn't trade for one that is brand new! i remember a children's song about that... "a lovey is something you like very much... a bunny, a blanket or doll... but i wouldn't trade it for one that's brand new. I'd take bunny tattered and worn."

Laureen said...

my 5 yr old son cannot sleep without his "be be".It used to be a Bambi pillow for infant now it looks like a face towel.he!he!

Yami said...

She really loves her bunny. :)

Thanks for the visit, sis. :)

elapot said...

sensa na at nadelay ang pagrampa! heniweys, ang cute naman ni bunbun! mas cute sya pag kasama ni bebe mo. cutie!

chubskulit said...

Hi sis, daan ako dito.. your shoutbox keeps failing to post so dito na lang..

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