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Friday, August 28, 2009

Mommy Moments: Name Game

mommy moments

This Friday's Mommy Moment's theme is NAME GAME. It would be about our kids and the meaning of their names. I love this theme as I have my children's name especially prepared even before they were born. I am so particular when it comes to naming my kids. I love names which speaks of depth. Names with special meanings that I hopefully wanted to be impressed and expressed by my children. So here with go.

Let's begin with my Eldest to the Youngest:

This is Kuya , the eldest. Name is ALJODON DAVID. I named him such as I love the meanings of these names.

Aljodon- its meaning is "old one, elder" David derived from Hebrew דוד (dvd) meaning "beloved".
The Whole Name: The Elder Beloved.. The eldest beloved One

Now, is Cocong, the second son which name is AL'JERED NICOLAS. The name is well thought of me also.

Al'jered- From the Hebrew name יָרֶד (Yared) or יֶרֶד (Yered) meaning "descent".
Nicolas- meaning is "victorious people".
The whole name: Descendant of the victorious People..
My youngest, my only daughter Bebay, her real name is ALIKAH ARIENH.

Alikah -meaning is "noble, exalted nature".
Arienh- Means "most holy"
The whole Name: Noble, Exalted Nature and descendant of the Most Holy One
And now, I'm gonna have a new baby. I am already thinking of names for him too.

Here are the names that I've been looking at:

Lael Joseph - meaning: Lael- belonging to God; Joseph- May Jehovah add/give increase.

Lysander Jadrien
meaning: Lysander- One who Brings Liberty; Jadrien- Blend of Jay, Jade and Adrien

Lois Jedaiel - meaning: Lois- better; Jedaiel-
knowledge, of God
It's really wise to give a thought to the meanings of our names. My name's meaning is even beautiful too. How about you? What are the meanings of your kids' names. Please share with us here at Mommy MOments.

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Den said...

your daughter is sooo cute. :)

ganda ng meaning ng mga names ng kiddos mo Mommy. :) at very unique talaga.

ex link po tayo Mommy? :)

Yami said...

Hi. my first time here.

ang lalim ng meaning ng names ng mga kids mo at unique din. for your fourth child parang cute din ang Lois Jedaiel. maganda sa pandinig ang second name. :-)

Beyond Motherhood said...

You have a beautiful children with a beautiful name. Blessings for the baby too. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Melody said...

wow, very nice names..i love hebrew names..and you have such cutie kids..

Twinkie said...

Hello! Thanks for dropping by my site. Anyway, all their names are really interesting. And I like how you made all their names linked to God. But they are kind of hard to pronounce. :D My favorite nickname is Cocong's. :)

I like Lael Joseph. :)

darly said...

all your kids have got wonderful and inspiring names.

If its a vote, i like Lysander Jadrien.

Happy Mommy Moments!

Phebie said...

yeah imo kids pod mem nice kaau mga names...lisod litokon...whaaa..

oist ayaw na reklamo ter nga naa among dagway didto kay iyang name gkuha sa amoang names....hahhahaha...

mao na na!lolz...

Enchie said...

Hi Mommy! Wow such unique names! thank you for visiting my site. This is my first time here :D have a fun weekend! said...

Wow! They have pretty names and your children are all handsome and beautiful!

Mine is up at

Hazel said...

we seem to be facing a new generation of kids with well-thought of names :)

Evan's Mom said...

Your kids' names are meaningful and very well prepared. You're right about giving a thought to our names because name is prayer, so giving meaningful name for our kids is like praying for them.

Thanks for stopping by and have a good weekend :)

life's journey said...

Oh unique ba sa name ng anak mo love it...mine is up.

Momma Bams said...

Hi sweet Shelo. It's a boy pala, congrats.. Kelan ang due date?

Your kids have such beautiful and unique names and they're all good looking.

Happy weekends =) Ingat palagi

Sush said...

Your daughter is so pretty! :) I love the name Lael! I love well thought of names hehe and unique ones. You dont want your kids growing up and getting mad at you for naming them marimar or shakira (not that theyre bad names but you get the idea haha)

Willa said...

their names sounds unique,just like their unique personality. :)

elapot said...

wow, these are very unique and great names!
thanks for the visit mommy!

happy weekend!

kAyE said...

wow. ganda pala ng names ng mga junakis mo! at manang mana sa mommy ang girl mo ha! pretty!

thanks sa compliment din about my templates :) planning to make that as a sideline pero praktis muna as of now. gusto ko kasi magandang maganda na ako gumawa bago ako magpabayad. hihi.

Lynn said...

Your kids' names are unique. I bet they like that.

Jacris said...

Very meaningful names and unique I like it!!! Btw thank you so much for the visit I really do appreciate it...God bless :p

Amor said...

Hi! Napaka unique ng names ng mga baby mo. Your kids are adorable, esp the girl. If I would vote, gusto ko yung Lois Jedaiel. Dapat pala magpa contest/survey ka sa name hehe, wala lang nag sa suggest. :)

Chris said...

very unique names :D nice meaning behind it too..

Seiko said...

Hi!Thanks for the visit & dropped some line as you go.You have adorable kiddos & a lovely names for them too & your only princess is so cute.I like Lael Joseph just in case.Grin!Have a Blessed weekened!:D

jeng said...

Thanks for the visit! Your children are so adorable and I like their names and its meaning.

genejosh said...

ganda naman ng mga names..ur girl's name is kinda cool..ngayon pa ako nakarinig nyan..For ur new baby, I chose Lysander Jadrien-love the meaning and parang ngayon ko pa narinig yan..he..he...

sis by the way, baka interested you to be one of my sponsors sa upcoming contest ko here:

It would be an honor having you as one of my sponsors...:)


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Kero said...

Interesting names for such lovely kids! Thank you so much for the visit! till next MM!

Karen said...

Wonderful kids with meaningful names.