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Monday, August 17, 2009

PSP for my Sons

Hi everyone! How was your weekend? Mine, was a busy one. Last Saturday, I brought my daughter to her pediatrician as she was having an asthma. I was surprised why she suddenly has an asthmatic component as that was the first time she was diagnosed with that. She was given antibiotics plus anti-asthma medicine. I was supposed to go to my OB-gynecologist but I lacked time. So i just re-scheduled it this coming Friday.

Yesterday, was another busy day. Me and my cousin Gay went to Greenhills shopping center to look for PSP. There are certainly lot of them there. I was able to find a great buy. I bought the unit for my sons- a gift from their tito from Canada. I got the PSP 2000 CW-edition (Jap). I chose the PSP2000 rather than the PSP3000 which is the latest model of PSP as I find it more user-friendly than the latest. Firmware of PSP3000 is not yet that stable as it is not CSO/ISO ready (downloadable UMD games) compared to PSP 2000 which is CSO/ISO compatible though it has UMD drive ready too . They can modify PSP3K, however when you drain the battery and accidentally pull the battery off, the modified settings will restore back to default. Oh, that sounded complicated for me. I love the CSO/ISO ready one as we can just download games straight from the PC and not buy the costly single UMD game which costs PHP 500-up per game.

I got the Ceramic white- PSP 2000. It looks neat and very clean. I bought PSP bag and a clear crystal casing for that so my sons wont scratch it right away.

Look at the pics below:


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Phebie said...

hoi bayetch! na shock jud ko sa imo new template...ganahan kaau ko kay bugnaw xa and dali ra mag navigate unlike the old one..good choice!

hoi mem na bibo na lagi balik ur site..maau...wen ka manganak?

oist tanawa sa akong new pic post beh daw comment daun...hahhahah

Anonymous said...

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Bailey Baretto said...

you have a nice new template here. :)

as i was reading your post, i remembered when i was shopping for my psp as well. i think you made a wise decision buying the psp2000 instead. It's features are almost the same with PSP3000. Pero all in all, di naman nagkakalayo talga.

Sony will be releasing their latest model na rin. you should've waited for that din muna. the new psp GO. :D

Alicia said...

My son loves his PSP too!!