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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Modeling Career in UK

Felt so proud for my best friend. Emelou is my best friend since we were in the first year high-school back in our old hometown Aloran. She used to live in my Lola's place in Mohon. We grew up together and shared the ups and downs of our life. I've known all her aches and pains of her past married life. She experienced the winds and storms of different relationships and cried a lot of tears for those miseries.

Emyat (that's what I call her) tried her luck in finding job abroad. She flew to UK and worked as a lowly caregiver. I've known what she'd been through working in a foreign land out there on her own with all the back-aching tasks and duties to do in a home care institution. However, I admired her spirit. She is hard-working and never won't let herself down. She is the favorite in her workplace for her cheerful personality.

Till way back last month, with her fighting guts, she applied online in a modeling agency in UK the
Dynamic Models UK which is one of the leading modeling agency is the British continent. We brainstormed via chat for the get-ups she would wear during the audition and pictorials. All went well during the audition. Cross-finger , we were hoping she would qualify. She was nervous as her competitors were all so sophisticated and tall, totally gorgeous English ladies. But, Emy is just as super as well on her own demeanor. I loved the results.

Weeks passed on and she chatted me again and ask for my idea for a name to be used as screen name. We thought of Asian names as she really is a pure Asian beauty. We settled on Anastasia Lee. There and then, I knew she qualified though she said , " it's not yet final, we will know if my profile will show on their website."

True to my words, to our amazement and pride, Emy got it! SHE IS NOW A CERTIFIED MODEL OF THE DYNAMIC MODELS. Yay!!!

Congrats to You my Bestfriend, I am so proud of YOU!!! I just knew it by your own charm and fighting spirit , you can achieve your goals and your desires. I know you work hard to get what you want. Now , you have your stepping stone, continue on hitting for the mark!! I love you Myat..
By the way, her screen name is ANASTASIA LEE. You may visit her profile here.


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1 comment:

Debbie Racho said...

yay to guts! congrats to her!