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Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Letter

My best friend Emy and I chatted just a while ago about her love life in the UK. I'm always worried with her as I truly wish that she is gonna be fine and will find her one true love and she will be finally home into a man's heart.

Love can be so tricky most of the times, that my best friend is always lost and deranged in the dark for every game that men could play on her. She've been hurt a lot of times before that compelled her to be so uncertain about men who express their emotions on her. She met a lot of men before and every time she meets one, I would always say, "Myat hope he is the one".. But too bad, she would replied, " Naah, if I see that I won't have a future with him, then I would cut it out".. Huh! Truly the word "trust" is so illusive with her. She doesn't give trust right away resulting to short-lived relationships in the near past. Who could blame her? I couldn't for one as I just simply know what she had been through. Emy is just so vulnerable that when she sensed that she has no future with that certain man and the feelings shown to her are just too shallow to make it worth keeping, she would just let it go away.

Lately, she cut a relationship with a certain man from where she is on the same ground I have mentioned above. Only for that man to realize that she was one of a kind and hard to let her go. I am quoting you the letter of that person for her, as I could feel the surging emotions word from word.

Morning and hope all is well with you Em,

There is no need for you to reply to this.

I remember our first telephone conversation, there was determination in your voice.

I remember coming to see you for the first time, on that cold winters day. We walked up and down the high street after i collected you from the home. That was of course after your friends made sure i was not a murderer....

As we walked on that freezing day, you wearing a skimpy jacket, look to be freezing to death. We held hands at times and your little fingers were like ice sticks. Even then you were stressing that you were ok, it was clear to see you were cold. I guess you were just happy to be here.

At that time you were new to the country and a little lost...
I also remember the time we went for dinner, it was clear you had things on your mind and was not comfortable.

I remember coming to see you after my brothers party, late in the night, in fact I think it was early hours of the following day. You got drunk, you got naked and then overpowered me, i remember it very clearly, a sight of beauty.

I remember you coming down the day the weather was very bad and the trains were messed up, you took the long route but you came....yes i remember.

Oh, i remember lots more.

Now, i think about you every day and several time daily, despite the fact i am trying not to.
I think it will be a long time before the days will go by without me thinking about you, or when i can think about you without the attached emotions.

It’s pretty clear that you have moved on now. It even seems you take objections to me sending repeated text, even for clarification.. I'm sorry, i don’t mean to have a go. Maybe i just misunderstood again....

You have come so far.

The sad thing is, the man is too late. Emy has already found someone who could make her complete and she is finally home in that lucky man's heart..


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