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Monday, April 20, 2009

Up and Away in Baguio and the richness of God's supply

As promised I am back with a lot of amazing stories of how beautiful is it to be on top of the mountains overlooking the world. LOL! I mean it is truly unspeakable and full of glory to be on top of everything.

The Travel:

Our travel was long of course and so slidy. Baguio welcomed us with heavy rainfall and foggy way. Our van had a hard time going up especially in hilly areas. We began the trip at 2am. We have to stop at Malolos, Bulacan first to fetch my sister and her baby with Yaya Rose. We were 6 adults namely: Me, hubby, neng (our yaya), em, gay, ate rose (em's yaya) and Lemuell and two kids: bebay and Danlesh; in the trip in all. We arrived Baguio at 9am.

The Fellowship Among The Churches

The experience was priceless and full of riches. The supplies of the Lord''s word were so immensely rich and fulfilling. The Lord has spoken through many brothers who prophesied for the building up of the body. The Fellowship among the churches was participated by more than 1000 brothers and sisters from Region I-VI and some from Visayas, Mindanao and from outside the Philippines. What I was greatly touched was that all who has received the Lord is a serving one and our service must be under the principle of the Temple and the building. If our service is outside the building, then it is vain in the eyes of the Lord.

The Cold and the Accomodation
It was so cold up there that I cannot take it to have a bath without hot water. It's good that the accomodation has hot water, cause if not, My God I cannot really have shower. T'was cold but altogether nicer than the heat here in the urban. You can see at the pics above that the way is so foggy and dark and most of our background were fogs too. I miss the cold already. Our accomodation was okay. We stayed at Heather Marie Transient Home. Their rate is so affordable at 250php per head per night. Good price huh? The place was so nice and we really felt at home. We can cook, we have a living room and all the kitchen utensils were offered for our use. So far so good then. If you are planning to go there, you can contact me and I will give you the number of the owner for you to book by text or call. The host was so accomodating and super friendly. That added the nice stay.

The Views, The Sights

Because of our primary reason in being there was joining the FAC, we had little time for trip around the city over the mountains. We have not been to other tourist spots around. We've been to Tamawan Village, Burnham Park, the famous Session Road for ukay-ukay, SM baguio, and the Baguio City Public Market where they sell a lot of Baguio delicasies. We should have gone to Mines View but it was raining again so we just didn't go there anymore.

Tamawan Village
We 've been to Tamawan Village. Uniquely blends indigenous aesthetics and exquisite Ifugao craftsmanship with an artist’s concept for a village adapting the Baguio setting.

In keeping with the spirit in which the village was originally conceived, Tam-awan Village has become a venue for art exhibits and workshops envisioned to foster a deeper understanding, respect and pride in the cultural heritage of the Cordillera people.The village is an experience in itself. By living in the huts, guests get an opportunity to immerse in an atmosphere that allows them to get a glimpse of village life. Huts, cultural shows are displayed there of typical Ifugao society.

On a clear day, a magnificent China Sea sunset can be viewed from the village, being true to its name as Tam-awan, that is, vantage point.



Entrance Fee:


Students/Senior Citizens


Over-all Baguio City is a great city over the Mountains of the Cordillera regions. Though it's slopes and hills would make our pulse raise whenever we take a walk around, it is still worth the visit. The people are warm and friendly. The food is also great. My daughter loves the climate. She loves the cold and was sad when we were about to go home. Surely we will be back there. The trip in going home was fun too. My hubby was driving and we did all the funny talks and loud singing. My sister did not ride with us anymore in going home as they went down with her hubby too in their own car. When we were in La Union, it was again the old familiar hot humid temperature. We reached home at exactly 12am. It was raining cats and dogs. But Thank you Lord that we arrived safely home.


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Anonymous said...

Hello. Nice blog.

Regardging Heather Marie transient home.. did you have to make a bank deposit before the reservation?

Is it walking distance to session road?

Thanks in advance.


sweet_shelo said...

Hi How I'd wish u've left your contact number here so I could text you the info. Yes we deposited reservation fee in the owner's bank account . Actually it's a cash card account in BDO. At first, I was kind of hesitant but when the time came we went up to Baguio all was well. The owner is very accomodating. And Session road is not so far from it, but we had our own ride so we didn't have to walk. It's not really that near, but it's not so far too.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am about to go to Baguio on the 21st and I am to stay at Heather Marie Transient Home... I would like to double check also if this place is legitimate.. would you like to share with me the cash card acct no. and name of the account so that i'll be sure of the place.. thank you.. you can send it though my email:

Thank you so much!