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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Summer Camping and My Pink Mat

Hey there!! Summer is finally here. My kids are really excited about summer camps and outing. Actually next week we'll be out for Holy week camping somewhere. All is busy preparing for outdoor gears and tents. Since it is vacation time already, I let my boys pack their own stuff. I will check on it anyway before we set out so we could not miss anything. I have my own preparation too. Of course I wont forget our nap mats as my kids would have hard time sleeping without those. We have 5 nap rolls in all tucked in and ready to go. Those are really my favorites as I bought them years ago and were always with us in all our outdoor camping. Those are just very sturdy. Mine comes with a hot pink zebra design. It is just so pink and so girly. There are lot of colors available. But, oh sorry I can't get over of pink anyway.
By the way sharing you the picture of my mat.
It's just adorable. It has a soft fleece blanket and a pillow.
It is just so handy and so easy to clean. I just remove the pillow
and toss the rest to the washing machine.
We carry it like a bag.
I got this at Poseylane.

Oh so much for the mats. By the way, my mother in law's birthday is coming. I'm thinking of a gift for her. I was thinking if she would like monogrammed gifts cause she is fond of embroidery and stuff. Hmm , I would have to check it later.


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Bogie said...

hello, added you already in my blog list. :)

Bill said...

its always to take a nap some times. It refreshes you and gets you ready to do more. Chow