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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Ink Stamps and a Gift sealed with Love

Hey there! I am worn-out tonight as I have just been home from staying overtime at the office. This morning till afternoon was the big day when I invaded my new cubicle. My energy drained by going back and forth to get my things and organized them into my new place. Whew!

While I was doing that, I realized that my personalized ink stamps are a commodity on my own desk. It did not came to me that I have a lot of them camping over my supply box. I just love those psa essentials ink stamps. Those save my energy and time and help me a lot with stamping documents needed for the shipments of US Military members worldwide. The stamps are essentially handy when it comes to high volume of document requirements that I have to write the same data again and again. Thanks to Posy Lane again for doing the favor to me. Actually they make ink stamps at your own choice of personalized design. My company patronized their service as our logo look good on the stamp and the embosser. Need one too? You can choose at the designs they do below. Click on the photo to be directed to their site and see the variety of choices.

And oh by the way, I will be sending Nam's Bits Chocolate chip cookies to my Aunt Tessie. I hope she would love it. I will give it to her as Easter present. It's the perfect gift I bet. The cookies are just perfect. It has a longer shelf-life and it won't cause me a fortune. I took a photo of the cookie in it's classy jar.

See ? The cookies are just lovely in it. It's sealed with my love.

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