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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Warning: Modus Operandi lurking around the corner

The experience I had last night made me thought that our country is really experiencing a traumatic economic downfall. That measures of poverty is looming everywhere. I was late in getting home due to some overtime work at the office. During my ride on a PUJ going home I was victimized by a Modus Operandi.

While sitting on the jeep through home, a man who was seated beside me called my attention, " Maam nakasandal po kayo ng bubblegum, kumalat po sa buhok nyo at damit" (Maam, you have leaned upon a bubblegum and it's on your hair and clothes) What??? I frantically grabbed my hair and yes chewed gum was all over it. My initial reaction was to get frustrated why some people have the liberty of spitting out chewed gum anywhere and now it's all over my hair. Damn annoying! That man helped me in telling where the gum were in other part of my hair and suggested that I get a tissue or a piece of paper to help me with it. I opened my bag and grabbed some tissue. To the lack of my notice, the other man on my other side was busy searching my bag for some valuables that they might get from me. To their satisfaction alright, they got my postpaid phone, my money purse and my company ID. Oh Men!! Just a matter of minutes , they got those without my knowledge as I was busy with the gum on my hair. Good that a 20peso bill was left on my pocket so I was able to pay for tricycle to get me through our village. Great too that they didn't locate my other cellphone and my digicam was left yesterday at the house. And most of all, Thanks to the Lord who has spared my life from those culprits.

So you better be aware of the scheme they are into. According to some reports, some would say you have a spit on your hair. Some style would drop coins purposely. Do not be fooled by these tactics. The villains would always do anything to get valuables from victims. My lesson, focus on your things and do not entertain strangers in public vehicles.

Shocked and frustration got into me after the incident. Is Philippines that poor that many people now are engaging in such activities in order to make some money? I am not only the victim. Night after night news on TV would report robbery incidents. So depressing and yet alarming for us as poverty is the root of all these madness. These should be acted upon by the controlling power of our society- The government. But would they really do something about it? It seems that men in power are also doing robberies to people's money. Reality bites.

I pity for them as I know they are liable of the deeds they do in the face of the Master someday. They might escape now , but they wont escape the one who rules the Universe. Why can't they just look for other descent means of living. Robbing other people's properties sure bring them easy money but the evil they have done surely would send their soul to the eternal Judgment. They will suffer in Hell as eternal perdition. And by that I get my revenge.

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Prettymom said...

opps. im sorry to hear that sis, sobrang hirap na kaya nag panahon ngayon kaya marami nag modus operandi ang mag magnanakaw.

Mommy Phebie said...

az n? grabee bah? tnx God that His hand is always there to protect u wherever u go....

Rosa said...

katakot naman un, buti nalang sis okay ka. life is getting worse na kasi kaya marami na tao gumagawa nang di maganda para makakain lang..

rose said...

waaah garbeh naman un, walang patawad at wala nang pinipiling lugar ah. Talagang magulo na ang maynila ngayon ah. Kaya nakakatakot nang lumuwas ng maynila ngayon ako dati cellphone ang ninakaw sa akin nung nagwoowork pa ako sa camp aguinaldo. buti nalang di ka napaano ate. Yeah sobrang hirap na talaga ng buhay ngayon ate di naman po lahat ng pilipino ay may trabahong katulad at nakapag-aral ang dahilan nila dyan dala ng pangangailangan at kahirapan. Beware nalang po sa susunod ate and ingat ka palagi.