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Monday, February 16, 2009

Fashionable Eyewears for as low as $8.00: Amazing!

My glasses I think should be upgraded as I have several headaches recently. My mind aches more as I am seeing fat money again to be spent on eye care. What can I do? I can't see straight without my glasses. But I don't want to spend more on glasses these days. What I did was google for affordable frames with lenses that I could get for my own.

I was directed to the link of New York times (you may read it yourself) and my eyes popped out when I read this line.

Quoted: "But if you want a cheap pair of backup glasses, try, which sells generic frames, including lenses with antiscratch coating, for as little as $8. That’s a bargain considering the average frame price is $118, according to VisionWatch, which publishes research on the eye care market. "

Fantastic!! Is this really true? I mean look at that price? I immediately go in that site and browse for eyeglasses and found one that I love most. And it is below.

Frame#: 2247 Plastic Full-Rim Frame with Spring Hinge $8.00
Lens Width 53mm, Height 27mm, Bridge 17mm
FrameWidth 139mm,Temple Arm Length 144mm
Frame Weight with 1.57 index lens 21 grams
Frame Color Choice: Burgundy, or Black.
A medium wide size trendy plastic full-rim translucent frame.

Isn't it lovely? Actually there are lots to choose from. A good variety that comes in different styles and colors. I'm sure one will suit your style. I really thank New York Times for giving me a nice info about this zenni optical site. I found a big selection of frames, with single vision lens, sunsensor (potochromic) lens, tinted sunglasses lens, bifocal lens and progressive lens. They sell their own manufactured frames direct to the consumer with no middlemen that's why the sell fashionable and "in" glasses at very good price. Wow, it seems that I can change glasses more often than what I expected. Oh I love ZenniOptical. I get to be in style without breaking the bank!!

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