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Monday, February 23, 2009

Helpful Facts about Sleeping

Sleeping is very essential in maintaining a well-being. It is basically the way of rest for the body. Several important body detoxification processes happen during sleeping and may not function well when you lack sleep. It is best for us to be aware of the proper time of sleeping. Late sleeping and over-sleeping have negative impacts to our health.

Here are reasons why we need to sleep early and never wake up late.

Evening at 9 - 11pm:
is the period for getting rid of unnecessary/toxic chemicals (detoxification) from the antibody system (lymph nodes). This time should be spent by relaxing or listening to music. If an individual is still engaged in home activities or any body activities this will have a negative impact to one's health.

Evening at 11pm - 1am:
detoxification process in the liver takes place between this period. That should be done in a deep sleep state.

Early morning 1 - 3am:
detoxification process in the gall, also ideally done in a deep sleep state.

Early morning 3 - 5am:
The lungs detoxify between these hours. Severe coughing happends for cough sufferers during this time. Since the detoxification process had reached the respiratory tract, there is no need to take cough medicine so as not to interfere with toxin removal process.

Morning 5 - 7am:
This is the time for detoxification in the colon. Emptying of the bowel should be done during this period.

Morning 7 - 9am:
absorption of nutrients in the small intestine, you should be having breakfast at this time. Breakfast then should be taken earlier than the time above.

Sleeping late will disrupt your the normal process of excreting waste chemicals or substances from your body. Aside from that, midnight to 4:00 am is the time when the bone marrow produces blood. Therefore, if you care for your love ones, take care of your health. Sleep early and don't wake up late.

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