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Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Creepy Dream

I always wonder why I have creepy dreams of our old big house in Lawaan. It was my childhood home and I grew up there and had a lot of memories cherished. However, that house is abandoned by us as it is standing on a lone place surrounded by trees with no neighbors at all. When Papa died , we just cant live there anymore.

Today, as I was taking my afternoon nap, it's 4:30 in the afternoon when I suddenly woke up from a very haunting dream. It was so creepy. I had goosebumps and my heart still beats so fast.

I was with Neneng our yaya, bebay and cong or was it gong? The face was so vague but I know it was my son. The setting was in Edsa and we're waiting for a bus. I said in the dream we will go home to Lawaan, but I dont know why in the world we were waiting for a bus going to Cubao. We should take a plane to go home. yeah right, dreams.

We already took a bus, when I suddenly realized we were hitting the road to Lawaan, going to our old place. I felt something creepy. How could we be there when I remembered we were on our way to Cubao. I said to the bus driver, "Kuya, bakit andito tayo? Papunta to sa lumang bahay namin ah, Bakit napunta tayo dito?" (Mister, why are we here? This way is going to our old place, how come we are here?) The people on the bus started to panic. They heard my words right. On the road almost to the old house we saw a pick-up car blocking the way and some number of people standing there. I saw mama. So I said, "kuya , stop. I saw my mama, and I should go to her, but please dont leave me whatever happens".. So i jumped down and went to mama, I tried to speak to her, but it seems that she haven't heard me.. So I realized it's something not good. I backed off, and said to Neneng and the kids on loud voice to get back to bus at once. .. We were all afraid. The bus moved but this time it stopped in front of our house. It was really our old big house in Lawaan. But I didn't go down cause I know something weird is happening. I said to the driver, "please go, turn back down the road, we should be out from here" .. but the bus did not start. We really panic. I told the people to call on the name of the Lord, so we started calling, "OH LORD JESUS" ... and prayed desperately. We heard a loud thump on the top of the bus. The driver yelled , "it's a coffin!!!".. I don't know whoever was in the coffin. But it was a black coffin. The shape like that in movies where vampires sleep. Holy Crap , it really terrified us. I said to the driver, please go at once. .. Good that the bus started. Because of the fast sudden turn, the coffin fell off. Huh!! The bus started to run as fast as it could.. and I was awaken grasping for breath..

Huh!! Good thing it was only a dream and it was just one of them. I always dream of that house but all my dreams are creepy. I really don't know why. I can't figure out what my dreams mean. I just wish all are just product of the mind and nothing scary is behind it. I just lay up all to the Lord. He is my shield and protection.

Some people say, dreams have meanings. Some say these are just representations of our dealing with the waking lives. The total state of the dreamer is being participated out within the dream and the images and motifs are orientations to those exacting circumstances. What is missing in the unconscious state of mind (the dream) is the bias and prejudices establish in the waking state of consciousness. However, others claim that dreams imbibed metaphysical messages and are passageways to the other dimensions. Just like the olden times when the angels or Jehovah spoke to the prophets in dreams.

Whatever those may be, I cannot literally explain. What I believe is that all things are under the sovereign hands of the Master.

This was an entry on my online diary

1 comment:

M A Y A said...

sabi nila pag nanaginip ka raw ng coffin, ibig daw sabihin mag-aabroad ka soon. some old wives' tales, hahaha!!