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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

PBB Double UP: I support the House A Housemates!

Now, I am hooked up to the latest Pinoy Reality Show here on ABS-CBN- The Pinoy Big Brother Double Up Edition. Oh yeah, I watch it every night though it would mean resting up late. Even my daughter is a fan of it too.

Of Course we have our favorite housemates. There cannot be no one. We love the Original House A housemates. We love their team up and love their characters. Now that Big Brother is giving another twist : The Bagyong WALAY to them, we were so down. We shared the feelings of the House A girls being away from the House A "Cutie cute cute" Guys. More so we felt sad and in deep sorrow looking at Jason and Melissa being so down while separated by a wall in each other's separate house. Baby Dengue misses her daddy already. Hu hu hu...


Please support them with us. Whenever they will be nominated on nomination nights, vote them in to be saved from eviction. I'll waste my Php 2.50/txt to any one of them. If you are outside the country and a TFC subscriber , you may also vote via online by registering online at Pinoy Big Brother Home.

This week three of my precious housemates are nominated on the eviction night this weekend. PLEASE HELP ME SAVE RICA, CAROL AND JASON.. PRETTY PLEASE..

TO VOTE VIA TEXT: (for Philippine Users)

Text BB (housemate name) to
2331 for Globe, TM, Sun Cellular and Bayan Wireless Landline
231 for Smart and Talk N Text
P2.50/text for Globe, TM, Bayan Wireless Landline, Smart and Talk N Text
P2.00/text for Sun Cellular

For SMS VOTING OUTSIDE THE PHILIPPINES, please find out how to vote HERE.


Thank you, thank you. I wish one of them will be the ultimate Housemate and win the prize to success. Go House A Go!!!

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nicquee said...

I'm addicted too although I have to pass for PT on weekdays because my little goes to school at 8am. If I don't go to bed, she won't too.

There's so much in YT that you can watch about the,m. I'm hating the HB boys more and more. :|

linkmoko said...

Lets have support some of the housemates like melai and jason, those two are love birds.