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Friday, November 20, 2009

Mommy Moments: Yummy!

mommy moments

Sidenote: Thank you for those who have prayed for my condition. I have mentioned in my previous post that I was having again a pre-term labor and was advised for bed rest and have medications to calm my uterus as I am yet on my 31st week. Not yet due for the baby to be born. Please continue praying for me for my safe journey till my big day. !!!
It's Mommy Moments time and I decided to join not letting slip this wonderful topic which is all about the food that our kids love or something about their likes and dislikes when it comes to eating. Talking about Yummy, we moms definitely want to give the best nutrition to our children as what they eat becomes them. I mean in the totality of the wellness of our children, the food that they eat play a big part.

My three children are all picky eaters I can certainly tell so. They are not the type of kids who will crave for the feast on the table whenever we have some celebrations. They only go for those they love most. No matter how we wanted them to have a balance diet, most of the times our head aches as they never want to eat those we wanted them to eat.

My boys I have seen that they love fried chicken. Not chicken with tomato sauce, not adobo, not tinola, only fried goes with them. They love most the Jolli fried chicken. They also love hotdog and tocino and french fries. You see, it's not really recommended to let kids eat processed foods most of the time.

Jollibee Fried Chicken-my boys' all time favorite

With my daughter, sometimes we get frustrated on what to give her. She doesn't have any favorite healthy food. When we go to the mall, she is not excited of the food she can see. She is only excited with the games on the arcade and the toys she can play. She does not love anything sweet: ice cream, cakes, pies, puddings, she doesn't want any of them. She just eats for the sake of tasting and maybe because I am terrible when I get angry. He he. If her yaya is not patient enough to let her eat 3x a day, she would not eat also as long as she drinks her milk. But of course I see to it that her yaya force her to eat no matter how long it takes to finish. However, I see that she likes candies. Oh Lollies that's all she loves, and hmmm chips!!! too bad!

Candies make her day

But hey, there's one thing in common to them. I remember, all of them loves Lechon. They get excited with the crispy lechon skin. That's why most of our celebrations we always have lechon on the table.

Join us at Mommy Moments and tell us about the yummy favorites of your kids.

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Cecile said...

your kids are cute and healthy looking; great job , Mom!

GIOVANNI said...

sarap ng pagkain mo sis.. GBU!

chubskulit said...

Wow she, ang ganda ng mga produkto mo hehehe, mana sa mommy ang kagandahan.. Love the lechon!

Yummy Mommy Moments

Mom of Four said...

First of all, your children are all adorable. Food wise, kids are like that, they have their own taste buds and they have their own preference sa food. I don't force my kids to eat food that they don't like. As I don't want to be forded to eat what I don't like.

I love lechon, kapag may party kau, invite mo ko ha..hehehe! My kids love friend chicken, and they don't like chicken with any sabaw. Wrozlie loves chicken skin kapag lechong manok, si Roan, doesn't like any skin..Hay, iba ibang anak, iba ibang gusto..

Youngster's Park

ForestAddy said...

Oh My God, I miss this food so much..Pahingi

Amor said...

my son loves chicken too! Hirap pakainin ng ibang food, matagal pa kumain. Pero pag gusto nya yung food ayaw paawat!

Willa said...

wow daming candy!!!

I hope you get thru with your unwanted situation right now and I will include you in my prayers as well as your baby.God Bless!

Chris said...

chicken!! my kids favorite!

Clarissa said...

Oh my!!My kids loves Jollibee fried chicken when we had our vacation there.Malapit na rin kaming makakain nyan!!\(^0^)/Medyo problema nga pagka-ganyang picky eater ang anak mo--but I'm sure when she gets older,she will try eat healthy foods eventually.

boxing 2010 said...

if im going to hang out i definitely go to jollibee. I love most the Jolli fried chicken, spaghetti and of course the jolli burger. That really taste good.

Gabby said...

Grabe ginutom tuloy ako sa litson. Food wise, kids are like that, they have their own taste buds and they have their own preference sa food. I don't force my kids to eat food that they don't like.