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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Couples Corner: The Ultimate Marriage Proposal

Rodliz’s Nest

How time really flies. I felt that I have just written our love story here and yet here I am again, writing another episode for COUPLE'S CORNER, a romantic meme hosted by Mommy Liz of Rodliz Nest. For this week's topic, it would be about Marriage Proposal.

Talking about marriage, I would say it is the ultimate manifestation of the love between two souls to be joined as one. It is the proclamation in the eyes of the Lord and men that you two have decided to be entwined into a life together through thick and thin. I also believe that marriage has been carefully planned by the Lord right from the beginning.

Let me tell you how we thread into this life called Marriage and the proposal in the context of a wonderful hymn that always reminded me that My marriage was carefully planned and arranged by the Lord.

The Divine Romance

  1. How could a country girl like me
    Become Your match — Your bride to be?
    You're holy and You are divine
    But I'm fallen and human.

    Without You, Lord, I have no chance
    To be like You in this romance.
    But You chose me ere the world began
    Nothing could change Your plan.
    • This divine romance
      Is My heart's deep plan.
      I became a lowly man
      To court My country girl.
    • Nothing could deter,
      Nothing can alter
      My eternal love for her;
      I'll gain My country girl.
  2. No man or angel ever knew
    This secret hidden deep in You
    That You desired to be one with man
    Before the world began.

    Though sin came in to ruin me
    Through Satan's scheme and subtlety
    Nothing could break Your love for me
    To gain me totally.
    • This divine romance
      Is My heart's deep plan,
      I became a lowly man
      To court My country girl.
    • Nothing could deter,
      Nothing can alter
      My eternal love for her;
      I'll gain My country girl.
  3. As King of kings You became a man,
    You died for me—I've been redeemed,
    In resurrection made us queen
    To marry You, my King.

    From death You 'rose and entered me,
    I now possess Your divinity;
    In life and nature we're the same:
    Both human and divine.
    • In Your love I'm drawn,
      To You I belong;
      I am not my own, Lord,
      I'm Yours alone.
    • By Your love I'm drawn,
      In Your name I'm charmed,
      And Your Person captured me,
      For I've been kissed by Thee.
  4. Lord, in this close sweet fellowship,
    Lord, be with me so intimate,
    So personal and affectionate;
    A sweet relationship.

    Lord, daily change my inward being
    Lord, all my heart possessing
    In all my being—transforming
    To be Your bride and queen.
    • In Your love I'm drawn,
      To You I belong;
      I am not my own, Lord,
      I'm Yours alone.
    • By Your love I'm drawn,
      In Your name I'm charmed,
      And Your Person captured me,
      For I've been kissed by Thee.

The hymn above is a beautiful love story in the Bible of the country girl Naomi who was courted and wooed by the rich husbandman despite of her lowly position. It is also about the Love of the Lord loving us regardless of how unworthy we are before Him.

I can highly relate to the context of the song. I questioned Zel why he chose me that I myself thought how unworthy I am to be a wife cause of my dark past. I wouldn't want him to be lashed on by the tongues and of the mocking eyes of his friends, neighbors and family. He was young, and by no means could find a better half than me.

If you only knew how many bucket of tears have fallen from my eyes and how many times my heart was torn into pieces whenever his own family before questioned his love for me. I could clearly tell from their words and from how they treated me that I am not welcomed to their family when they knew that Zel and I have been together in Manila before we got married. They were good to me in the beginning considering that I am a sister in the church. I had guessed that they might had assumed that it was only a mere physical attraction of their son towards me that their son would forget time comes that he will be away from me. So they didn't have fear at all that Zel will be hooked with me. Moreso that Zel was about to go to Manila that time anyway.

However, contrary to their assumption, Zel continued to communicate with me daily and expressing his love to me notwithstanding the distance. I was even surprised that Zel came home for my graduation on my second course. That time I felt that his mother was already becoming cold to me. She still talked to me but somehow her affection changed. I can tell it as I am good at reading others' thoughts and actions. I supposed that her fears of having a daughter-in law with instant grandchildren was growing.

Zel went back to Manila. It was time for me to look for a job. I could not find a descent one in our province so I asked him if I could come to Manila to look for a career there. Zel at first was very hesitant to say yes. He did not agree with the idea right away. He had a lot of excuses but I always find a way to butt in my stand too. After the long debate, it was decided that I will come over to the city. He looked for a place for us ahead. Nearing August I arrived Manila and that marked our time together in one bed, in one room and in one roof. Without the official marriage ceremony , we were tied in the eyes of the Lord.

But the tests of times did not stop there. Late one afternoon we came home from a friend's birthday celebration that a big surprise was waiting for us in the living room of the apartment where we were staying. The surprise was an older woman , maybe age 35 at that time while I was 25 and Zel was 23. I can remember her glaring eyes with the most maddening expression on her face. My thoughts automatically presumed that woman as his distant aunt sent by her mother. Zel let me went inside our room while they talked at the living room. My heart was racing, anticipating of a big problem with his family.

To my astonishment, zel went inside with quivering lips and an uneasy look. I asked him what's wrong and who was that. Never on my fickle mind I have thought what he had revealed to me. My mind was spinning, my heart crumpled and I can hardly breath. That woman was his other woman! That woman?? I was totally indisposed that time. I never knew what to do. It was a conflicting emotion. I was angry. I felt betrayed, I felt strong pain in my chest. I cried but suppressed my shouts. I was more dismayed when I knew that the woman was known by her family. Though she was 11 years older than Zel, they still preferred her for him. I can't totally put in words how hurt was I. All I knew was again my self esteem was lowered to the extreme. However, Zel assured me that he didnt love the woman. He has ended the relationship with her even before I came to Manila. He said he was tired of pretending. His family wanted that woman as she has promised to help him get lined-up as seaman in the agency of her sister. I can remember he said, " I am here with you and it's a proof that I choose you. My family likes her for me, but I don't love her and could not imagine my life with her till I grow old. It's you whom I want to be with for the rest of my life.." I believe him. If he had been true to that woman and wanted me to be out of his life, he could have dumped me while we were distant. The woman was older but age seem not to matter if you love someone right? She was even better than me as she was still single compared to me having been disgraced in the past. But he chose me.

It was like loving each other against all odds. His family was very insistent on insulting me through sms messages and all of those I have stored in my heart. My dislike for them has heightened, except for his father who was opposed to the rest of them. He was one person who believe that if we are destined to be with each other by the Lord, then they have to accept it by heart as the Lord could never be wrong in all his arrangements.

Nonetheless, according to the hymn above, Nothing could deter, nothing could alter what has been planned by the Lord. Nothing could Change His Plan. Our marriage was ordained even before the world began. That no matter how strong the tide, we were still home in each others arms. Zel could not be wavered. He stick with me through it all.

Regardless of all those barriers, he wanted to marry me. He told his family that he will marry me and that if they are not happy with it, then there's nothing he could do. He asked for forgiveness for disobeying their will and for following his own heart. That was the true manifestation of love I have ever experienced, the ultimate marriage proposal. It was nothing special and colorful as yours maybe with ring and flowers but it was the truest expression of his love unspoken.

I'll tell you about the day we sealed our love next week , for the mean time listen to the hymn I have told you below:

Hey, want to hear more love stories? Check on Couple's Corner now and join in the fun with us.

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Mom of Four said...

Mommy Shelo, I cannot believe what you went through for the sake of LOVE. Love always find its way to materialize. and you were right, God's plan can never be changed. You were meant to be together.

Bakit parang movie ito, wahhhh! Zel was so brave to fight for you love, and I admired him for that. He chose you over the woman that his family wanted for him.

When I created this Meme, my purpose was, so that I can share my love story with all my blog friends and at the same time, they can share yours. I never thought that in every story there was a deep realization how Love moved and guided us to be happy in our marriage lives.

I love your entry and I am so happy that you shared it with us..

sheng said...

Am i watching a movie? Parang napanood ko na nga yata ang ganitong storya eh...

Grabeh...honga nman ako sa hubby kahit ayaw sau ng parents nya ikaw pa rin tlga ang pinili niya...

At syempre saludo ako sa ikaw un... kasi kung ako siguro un susuko na ako...

nice story dear..i love it.

Rossel said...

i was playing the music while reading your love story. grabe kinikilabutan ako.

di ko alam kung sa music o sa love story nyo...siguro both.

a salute for both of you. you have surpassed everything because you love each other so much and God is always with you.

Jenny said...

Parang against the world love story niyo sis ah.. But infearness his the man. He really love you and im sure you feel it.

Colorful things or a ring in a proposal cannot compare to the words that came out from their heart and soul...

Kero said...

they say that movies reflects the real life. some argues that life is much more astonishing that what we see in the movies.

you were both courageous to fight for your love from the very start. nakakapagod din kaya to defend your relationship every time di ba? halos hindi mo na maenjoy ang date heheee

but your faith in love saw both of you through the rough waters. I hope you have survived the worst in your relationship :)

thank you for sharing. I am learning a lot :)

my entry is here

Hazel said...

oi sis, anong disgrace? porke may anak ka na? oi hindi yan disgrace no. nagkamali lang yata, pero sa akin lang hindi yan disgrace. so your hub's family don't like you because you are older than Zel and you have kids from a previous relationship? cheer up! they're peanuts. hindi ako tanggap sa pamilya ng college sweetheart ko kasi -- take note of his mom's questions: what's her degree? does she know how to sing? cook? play the piano? juice ko! the world has really gone mental.

yours is a happy ending though and i'm happy for you. mabuhay ang mga hindi tanggap! wait until we show them :-)

Hazel said...

oh and thumbs up to Zel!

chubskulit said...

wahhhhhhh sis pinaiyak mo naman ako dito sa post mo huhuhu... grabe ang mga pinagdadaanan nyo sis, ako kasi walang ganun.. sa previous relationships/boyfriend meron but with my hubby ala eh.. boring ba or what hahaha..

John & Rose

gengen said...

Oh my goodness pinaiyak mo ako parang romance movie and the music wow saludo ako sa love niyo. Thanks for sharing. I know God is always there for you and your family...TC mine is also ready. Can I copy the song hhehe ganda...

Chie Wilks said...

Wow sis...i am in deep thoughts...speechless and giving you 2 thumbs up. Like mommy Liz i can believe you went through all those trials in the relationship..i thought pinakamasakit na ung sa akin. All I can say is both of you and your beloved one are both blessed having each other. As what the hymn said "Nothing could deter, nothing could alter what has been planned by the Lord" indeed!

eds said...

shocks.. pamatay talaga tong story mo sis.. I'm amazed by ur courage.. ang love nga nman no.. heres mine >>

nanay said...

Oh, I thought I was reading a telenovela. Thanks for sharing....

Prettymom said...

very well said.. nakakaaliw basahin.
parang telenobela lang...popcorn anyone? lolz..

against all odds..ang tapang nyo pra ipaglaban ang love nio khit p sa buo nyang family.

but he love you enough para ipaglaban k nya s family nya.. that's the sweetest.

Yami said...

Kilig kilig naman ako sa love story niyo sis. Iba talaga kapag one true love ang dumating sa buhay natin. :)

niko said...

we have similar love stories.. both families don't like us for each other :D but love prevails.. hope u have a good relationship with ur inlaws now.. we both have thanks GOd

girls rule!
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Bambie dear ★ said...

your lovestory is very inspirational... against all odds. He was so young at that time but he acted so matured, very different from the guys ive known during that age... you've been through alot sis, i really admire you for being so strong. I also love the way you share your stories to us, very inspirational talaga and it always leaves us a positive effect. Pwedi nyo maging theme song ang love moves in mysterious ways =)