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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Key To Prayer...

Hi guys, I want to share you something about prayer. I suddenly thought about this because I have a prayer list which I have with me always in my pocket, yet I forget to pray about it many times. ..Lord give more heart to be faithful in prayers.. Make me a person of prayer just like Daniel, just like You.

Sometimes we may pray and pray yet, it seem our prayer never touches the Lord's heart and it is never answered by the Lord. We may say , the Lord will answer in His own way, yes this is partly true, however, we didn't realize why our prayers are never answered by Him.

Prayer is a matter of great importance in the spiritual life of a Christian. Every true Christian realizes this and prays. However, even though some of the Lord's children spend time praying over many matters, they do not seem to get through in prayer. It seems as if they have not found the way to pray. This is because they have not discovered the key.

In whatever we do, we must first have the key, the secret. Once a person gets the key, he can do things twice as fast as others do, while those who do not have the key labor in vain.

The same principle applies to prayer. Matthew 7 speaks of principles relating to prayer, one of which is, "He who seeks finds" (v. 8). Seeking requires effort. Anyone who looks in a half-hearted, leisurely manner will probably not find anything. Seeking involves patience and perseverance, and unless we are thorough, we will not find what we seek. If God does not answer our prayers, we must exercise patience and diligently seek the key to prayer.

Many earnest Christians pray at great length; they pray wordy prayers, but they do not receive answers from God.
In prayer, words are essential, but our words must be to the point; they should be words that touch the heart of God and move Him so that He has no alternative but to grant our requests. Words that are to the point are the key to prayer.These kinds of words match God's will, and He cannot but respond to them.
Let us find the key to prayer from a few scriptural illustrations.
(GENESIS 18:16-33)
-Abraham laid hold of the fact that God is a righteous God (Gen. 18:25); this was the key to his prayer.Abraham's prayer was to the point, and it was answered. There was no unrighteousness with God. He did not "slay the righteous with the wicked" (Gen. 18:25). In our prayers we must honor God's righteouness over things.
-he inquired, "What will You do for Your great name?" This was the key to his prayer. He honored the name of God. His concern was for what God would do for the sake of His own name! This should also be our prayer, our concern is for the sake of the Lord's name.
(JOHN 12:27-28; MATTHEW 26:39-46)
-He prayed, "Father, glorify Your name." This prayer was answered immediately. "Then a voice came out of heaven: I have both glorified it and will glorify it again" (v. 28). If this is the way the Son of God, as the Son of Man, prayed to God on the earth, how dare we on the impulse of the moment open our lips and utter rash prayers!
(MATTHEW 15:22-28; MARK 7:24-30)
-she came and worshipped Him, saying, "Lord, help me!" (v. 25). She called Him "Lord," not "Son of David." She realized that only the house of Israel had the right to use that title, so she forsook the wrong ground on which she had been standing and addressed her prayer to Him as Lord. This prayer brought His answer. In our prayer also we must subject ourselves to the Lord. He is our Lord and we are just recepients of His mercy.

Bear in mind that as we pray we should heed the inner voice and not be governed by our circumstances, thoughts, or affections. When that still small voice within tells us to pray, when in the depths of our being we have a sense that we should pray, then we should pray at once. Have you experience that sense? It's a small voice that would speak from within.Circumstances should only be a means of driving us into the presence of God to wait on Him; they should not be our master, and we should not be hindered by them from praying. Our mind should only serve to organize our inner feelings, which should be then expressed in words; our mind should not be the source of prayer.Prayer according to the will of God is only possible when we are in harmony with His will; it is not an exercise of forcing God to oblige man's emotions. Unless our emotions are dealt with, it is impossible for us to pray; prayers will not have a way to be released. Once we are under the control of our emotions, we will pray in a natural way according to our subjective desires; it will be hard to pray according to the inner leading.

Therefore, we must touch the key to prayer. Whenever we find ourselves praying ineffectively, fruitlessly, and insufficiently, we must ask the Lord for light and seek to discover the cause. As we inquire of the Lord, we will reach a point at which we feel that we have gotten through, when something within clicks, and a still small voice within says, "That's it!" We have found the key to prayer. As we use the key and pray on, we can be assured that God will answer our prayer.


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