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Friday, September 12, 2008

Growing in the Lord's grace

    Al'Jered Nicolas and Aljodon David        

                Alikah Arienh              
Children, while they are young must be nurtured and be brought to the grounds of the real church life. Having such a foundation will make them proper Christians, taking the Lord's way.

Consecrate your children to the Lord. Let them be nourished with the milk of the word. Strengthened their foundation with the highest truth. Being like that will bring so much blessing to them and to the family as a whole.

My boys: Aljodon David and Al'jered Nicolas, as well as my girl Alikah Arienh have grown this way.  As young as they are they know how to pray, call on the name of the Lord and memorize some verse from the Bible. Instead of teaching them only children's song, why not teach them sing children's hymns. If they are taught to praise the Lord as early as that, they will grow up loving Him and seeking after Him..Amen

1 comment:

Phebie Anne said...

Amen sister! same as wd my little entet she knows na how to pray!