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Comments Welcome Here

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SHELO- A person who knows how to be happy though may be sad. I am a woman, a mother, a daughter. I am loving and caring. I have shattered dreams but I have hope.I have a God who arranges everything for me. I may not have a desirable past, but no one can destroy me and I am still standing. All I want is to be accepted and loved for who I am cause that is Me and That is all I can be.

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Friday, June 12, 2009

My New Layout caught me by Surprise!

OMG!!! My blog caught me by surprise! When I opened it a while, I have never thought that it will be completely new look for me! But viola, got my eyes in awe. I love the new look. The new layout is still designed by a great designer friend Femikey. I tell you , she has amazing talent when it comes to designing blogger layout, signature, EC logo , header, name it whatever you want. She designed my previous layout and gave it to me for free. I have loved that layout and am sure I will miss it as I really loved it. However, nothing to be sad of. This new layout is super cool too.

If you can see, last few days passed I have left messages to Mommy Fe's tagboard asking her if she could make a header out of my EC logo. Very well, she came to me saying what she came out with my request. I found out in her post that she has made a whole new layout to match the header. I terribly love it. It's amazing. So I just told her that I love it and she can install it whenever she's done and free to do so. I have never thought that it's done already. Thanks a lot Sis Fe for the new layout. I really have confident in your choice of colors and taste. I got this layout for only $10. Nice price at a very nice outcome.

Anyway guys if you feel that you need a blog makeover, why don't you visit Femikey Designs and made your own personal requests. She charges at a very reasonable price. She has some ready made layouts which you might find fit to your liking.

By the way if you are not familiar of my old layout , just see the below:

and my new one (the one I am using now)


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Anonymous said...

ang babait naman ng mga friend mo dito, free pa sya talaga ha...sana ako rin kaya lang di ata pede...

Genejosh said...

wow..this looks great..Mine is also designed by Ms. Fe..I love her work...The lay-out also of my blog is given free by her..

Thanks for the visit and I already add ur link in my blog...Hope you'll do the same..Thanks...

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Mommy Phebie said...

mem...mas nice na xa karon...Congrats! pero medyo dugay lang xa mka navigate....

JessQ said...'s hilariously charming layout indeed!! I love the green hearts upon opening...pero...naglaho ang mga sparkling green hearts!! anong nangyari? ...hehehe...anyway, andyan pa naman ang sparkling photo ng angelic site owner!!