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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kids Backpack for my Kids from Posylane

School time once again. My three kids are all ready to hit the classrooms. My two boys are now both on Level 4 and one and only daughter is going to be in Junior Advanced Casa (kindergarten). I am of course excited for them. It is a joy unspeakable to see them wear their uniforms and looking so smart. They were once babies but now growing so taller and taller each year. I checked at for kids backpack and they got lots of them. Their backpacks have a good amount of space for books. That's a relief as my children's books are in numbers. They have pretty lot of them. The bag is good enough to accommodate them. I like the materials too as those are made of signature fabrics with lively colors which are perfect for children of their age. Of course they love what I got for them. Mother always know what's best. ^wink^..

By the way, while browsing for the bags, I happen to spot some cute baby memory book. This would be perfect for my coming baby. It's super! We are excited to the new addition to our family. The book would be great to keep all the milestone of my coming baby. You might check them too. I promise it's really pretty. Two colors are available : pink and blue.

There's one thing I have been eying on posylane too. It's their draw string colorful laundry bag. I just find it neat and more comfortable to use. I think I will have to order the next time. I just have my pocket drained with all my purchases recently. He he..


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