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Monday, June 8, 2009


I'd like to share to you a heart-gripping and heart-moving movie that would tell us the value of saying "I Love You" before it's too late. Sometimes, we tend to neglect the people who love us so much. We look for different directions, different flavors , feeling tired of their love and affection. However when the time may come when that person will be out of your life, that's the only moment you realize their value; that when that time may come, you want to draw them back only for them to leave you forever.

Humming is a Korean Movie. It is a story about a young man (Jun-seo) who gets tired with his long relationship with Mi-yeon who loves him so much. It went to the extent that he was already planning to go to the South Pole just to be away from her. But one day Mi-yeon met an accident and falls into a coma, a coma that will take her away from him forever, leaving him to be desperate and wanting for her to give him one more chance...

The story reminded me of Love. Before it's late , why don't we say " I love You " to our love ones. Live today as if it is your last day. Tell them of your love as if there is no tomorrow.

I recommend you to watch it here. and realize the value of the person we have in our lives.

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djtammy said...

hahaha...maka korean ka rin pla...I have just watched the movie...Ms. Chin( Ms gold Digger )
and currently watching another series!

yen said...

never heard of this program :(, you can try it she under my referral...