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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Gonna be a Nephite Talent?

Hi there.. Just would like to share about my daughter. Well, it's this way, when Alikah and I were at the SM Megamall sometime on June 5, a talent scout from Nephite Entertainment Production approached me and asked if she was my daughter. Of course I said "yes, and why?" She invited me to let her auditioned or joined their VTR screening as they are looking for talents to manage for commercial models. She gave me her calling card and got my mobile number. The next Saturday she texted me and invited me again to come last June 7 to their agency for Alikah to auditioned. We were not able to go because of previous appointments. Again last june 13 she texted me and invited us again. So Last Sunday we really did go.

Alikah together with other 52 children went inside the VTR room leaving us on the waiting room. We cannot watch them while they performed. I was hoping she would do what they required for them to perform. He he. When she came out she looked like she was too shy to speak. We were asking her and she wouldn't answer. But later on she told us that they posed infront of the Camera, introduce themselves and danced. We were told by the agency that we have to wait by Tuesday or Wednesday for their call. If we would not receive it means she does not qualify. Tuesday passed and got no call or advise from them.

Till today 11:39am to be exact, I got a text message from Ms. Liz of Nephite advising me to call at their office for the result of the VTR. There I called their office. It was good news!! Bebay got it. She was chosen as one of the 18 kids who passed their audition. Wow, I am happy of course. She said Alikah is very Telegenic thus they considered her.I feel so glad that she made it. Though she said Bebay is not yet that prepared to be presented to advertisers as her talents are yet to be enhanced. She still can't dance so well, act and sing well. The agency now is offering me their workshop courses to develop the talent of my girl so she would be ready for commercial auditions. The workshop is php 4500 for ten (10) sessions. They said it's optional. What do you think? Should I invest on that? Of course I have to know if Talent agencies are really like that. This is our first time to let her join in such exposures. Im thinking of it's genuineness. Could Nephite be a ligitimate agency? I have searched for it's background in the net, well, they are featured in the Philippine Star as one of the leading talent agencies. I think we just have to give out our full trust. I would really love to see my daughter on tv. The question is will she qualify and get a role? Well, I trust Nephite to make the move.

Below is one of the photos of my daughter taken for the talent agency.

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Mommy Phebie said...

wow...really?am so happy to hear that gud news! go! go! Go mem...
am looking forward too for entet nga mka apil ug ngana...

oist...naa ko award for u...CREATIVE mom blogger...grab it ha?

Jade aka MommaWannabe said...

Ohhh she is very pretty! Congrats!!! I can't wait to see her in action;) Do keep us posted ok;)

Anonymous said...

just so you happens to everyone who comes in for the vtr. ur daughter may be pretty but shes not the only one they use the words telegenic, etc.

they say that to everyone who falls victim to their modus...

Anonymous said...

also, like you, i am finding out if indeed nephite is legit and reputable.very intriguing.

rosalyn said...

hi. my daughter alyssa was also invited but i insisted that they let my other daughter participate. it turned out, abby passed the screening instead. i too am wondering if they are a legitimate talent agency. anyway, what happened to your kid now?

Anonymous said...

Well, my daughter was a talent of Nephite, but unfortunately they were not able to give her commercial. But during the orientation nman they will tell you that you will not be guaranteed of any commercial. Kaya lang one thing about Nephite is puro expenses. Why don't you try to have your daughter VTR sa Cosmo, check mo sa net ung location nila. I just tried one VTR for my daughter and luckily she was chosen to do one commercial with milk product. And try mo din sa Star Horizon, like Nephite they are also offering workshop pero di ka obligado na mag-enroll, but one thing good about this agency, kapag nakita nman nila ung anak mong may potential, they will give you a call or text message sa mga go-see nila. Luckily my daughter was chosen again for that. Try ka lang ng try. Another thing, if you are really a stage mother like me (hehehehehehe) why don't you try 'yong "My Fame and Fortune" site. there you will see everything.

Anonymous said...

Hi Thanks for sharing this. We were also approached this week lang by a Nephite agent at the mall, and we also went through the whole thing. My son got called back for the workshops daw but I thought it was weird that we had to pay for training etc. so I did some background research and stumbled upon this site. To the previous anonymous parent, can you give us a link of the Cosmo office or where we can get more info? Thanks! :)

renee said...


I am also very curious about Nephite because my niece was also offered to take their workshops. So far, how has it been with your dear daughter? Ok ba talaga yung workshops nila? Thanks a lot!!!

Anonymous said...

i just want to share my experience with them. they approached me and my son inside sm moa and i got curious. i checked their website and well.. they have all the answer a parent like me would normally ask. i enrolled him and up until now we didnt get any call from weird workshop. my son usually say, we didnt do anything inside. ano? the travel and expenses tapos walang ginawa? he was not chosen to sing or given a chance to be heard. luckily, i have a friend who owns a modelling agency without a fee where you could just let your child have their profile taken. he made a fashion show with sugar kids tough kids at philippine fashion week, had photoshoot for swim wear, drop down banner and print ad for a mall and magazine photoshoot for nido. tyagaan lang talaga kapag may casting. if you are looking for a good agency, try faces, elite and cosmo. thanks