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Friday, January 10, 2014

Praying For Aively Faith

There's a sweet miracle that I have been following in Facebook day by day to see how she is doing. She is a cute little darling born from the amazing couple : Ashlee and Keith Crumpton. Since the day I laid eyes on her FB page : Praying For Aively Faith , I have been always excited for amazing updates about this precious one.
The Little Miracle - I just love to see her beautiful smiles :-)

Knowing how the Lord has brought her and the amazing things God has shown for this baby and her family, it made me praise the Lord for His faithfulness that abounds. Since then , I have been made one of her prayer warriors. Aively Faith is now part of my daily prayer list. I love praying for her and her family. Seeing her photos, which her mom regularly posted for everybody's update, always brings warmth and joy to my heart. Among the thousands prayer warriors, I was with Aively's journey every step of the way. She is such a strong girl battling through different circumstances being born only of 26 weeks and 3 days in gestation and weighed 1 lb 15.6 oz last May 5, 2013. Surely the Lord has brought her this far and will continue to carry her through.

Just few hours ago, this little one has just had a surgery to fix her hip. She has a hip dysplasia- it is a developmental deformation or misalignment of the hip joint. I know the Lord will arrange everything for her hip to be corrected and I am praying for that.  I was praying a lot that the Lord will sanctify the whole procedure, the doctors and the nurses and all will be well. Surely the Lord is an awesome God and the reality of all the positive things in the universe. Few hours after the surgery she was already up and looking great. See her photos below from her FB page. What a little trooper she is . I am really amaze on how strong she is . I am so relieved and happy that she is looking good.

After the hip surgery- How brave she is;-) 

With her pink cast-- Such a cutie.. We love you Aively !~

However, just few minutes ago , I saw an update from her FB page. The update goes like this.
Oh it breaks my heart. How we need extra more prayers for Aively. I hope you guys could join me. We know she is in good hands and the Lord is taking extra care but still she is a little baby and it breaks our heart to know that she is in pain. Pray hard please for the pain to go away and that she will be recovering extra fast.  Be a prayer warrior please for Aively. She needs our prayers. Please like her page here.

Thanks everyone. Please remember that our prayer works and moves the Lord's hands. Keep praying as prayer lead the Lord to work within us. May the Lord strengthen our prayer life. Amen.

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