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Monday, January 13, 2014

Be White Be Flawless with Flawless Soap

The trend of today's age is skin lightening and continues to advance due to the growing demand of the market . We must admit that most of us women especially Asian  would love to have a lighter and fairer healthy skin. We do spend more on beauty treatments from Clinic procedures and therapies, supplements whether tablets, capsules or IV forms, lotions, creams and soaps, etc. It has more likely become most women's obsession. Popularity of Whitening products in Asian Countries rise where beautiful and fair skin is associated with youth , beauty and prosperity.

Related to the above mentioned trend, I myself spend much time on food for my skin. I love anything that makes my skin soft and lighter as I am a natural born morena (Asian brown skin). I am regularly taking a whitening supplement, have a favorite Korean Face gel and I just love trying a lot of whitening lotions and soaps.

While browsing around Facebook, I noticed a talk of the web--it's this FLAWLESS SOAP. I've seen it from numerous seller online. I decided to try it so I bought some from a seller friend Khiss Ssihk -  for a try. I got it a very good price. After almost 2 weeks of using, people around me started to notice that my skin lightens. Wow this soap is super effective. My dark spots lighten too. I am so happy that I have decided to try it. This is the first soap that I truly love.

Flawless Soap is a natural soap that works magic. It was formulated with healthy ingredients like : papaya, moringga, bengkoang, kojic, glutathione, collagen, vitamin E, and placenta gives you a power soap that works effectively to cleanse, moisturize, whiten, soften, and tighten the skin. This soap is a product of Glowcal Marketing Corporation. While reading their blog, I have found out that Glowcal uses the COLD PROCESS SOAP MAKING because this process has been tested for centuries where BASE and ALKALI are employed to formulate the soap. The combination of alkali and base, in this process, generates a heat that is not that intense in order to maximize the potential of ORGANIC NUTRIENTS and HERBAL EXTRACTS.

I see why this soap is proven effective . Their production process tend to maximize the benefits of each herbal content. I will be a sure Flawless-fan from now on.

To know more about a cold processed soap, visit their blog here for more info. Aside from the Flawless soap, Glowcal has other several products which I will still have to try. Try for yourself too :-)

This is how Flawless Papaya Soap looks like

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